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  1. "Special Abilities"

    thanks shontoga but dont bother hahaha people just love to argue about stupid shit here this thread is for "special abilities" not grammar same thing happns on evry single thread here i love and thank evryone whos helpd me but im done with this site its kinda a joke peace ryan
  2. "Special Abilities"

    thanks stig i needed a good solid explanation and you provided
  3. "Special Abilities"

    hundun thankyou and i understand, i am always trying to do my best though
  4. "Special Abilities"

    when the message becomes more important then the grammer we just might understand the purpose of communication yes i understand that the message can become misunderstood like telephone or like using the wrong werd but thats not the case here edit: i thought this was taobums not englishbums
  5. "Special Abilities"

    im not much of a writer either and could honestly care less
  6. "Special Abilities"

    i wouldnt hahaha, i thought that story sed somthing about freeing domesticted animals hahaha ive never been much of a reader though
  7. "Special Abilities"

    how stigweard? i hope for now i can heal myself by healing others and at the same time showing them theres more to the world. makes me feel good but i dont know about my energy im trying to meditate as often as possible wenever i feel like im getting deaper i fall backwerds and as for standing postures i shake like a broken dryer after 2 seconds any recomendations? thanks durkhrod chogori i wish i had the oppurtunity to do or go to a place like that it reminds me of a couple years ago i went to my friends house and was greated by a funny looking dog that growled at me (a coyote) hahaha i sed hey puppy and rubed him down then went inside and sed i didnt know you had two dogs....he didnt hahahaha
  8. "Special Abilities"

    awsome read im not letting my cat go though i dont know if there were 16 wheelers evrywhere in buddahs time hahahah, i do never get sick other then foodborne illness and quickly recover, strangely i can relate to the little kid id rather not talk about that in detail i now know i have to live to spread the wealth of giving unconditionally. i love all those stories much thanks ryan (wierd question i already refrain from killing anything but fleas and mosquitos are the only problem im having dose self defense allow this?) thanks hundun cant wait to hear from you
  9. "Special Abilities"

    ok... i can touch somone without using my physical body by placing there hand inbetween my hands about a foot apart "\ | /" i can heat somone else up with my palm from about 6 inches away(werever im pointing not there whole body) i do all of this simply by "imagining" my hands leaving my hands and touching whatever any opinions? (i know this may seem dumb and self explanatory to evryone here but im no zen or book or meditation master so i just dont know, haha) edit: FYI i only plan on using these things for healing for free just need to learn how i did this to a couple close relatives and friends since then i have stoped, because i realize i honestly dont know exactly what im doing how would one practice this? can you cause negative effects on others or yourself doing this?
  10. Fruitarianism

    my very good friend has been a raw organic vegan for about 7 years he glows like the sun and bounces around like....i dont know hahaha its crazy. hes tried the fruit only but couldnt get enough protien. he eats only natural ass shit for serious i know im talking retartedly but he dosnt eat tofu or premade juice or even juice from a juicer that heats the juice. sadly i think his mom works to the bone along with him to get him that food litterally 3 full bags of food from the health food store every day, to the tune of atleast a $75 a day, thats not counting the spiffy stuff like salt olive oil spirulina hemp seeds and evrything else personally at the moment im eating one small meal a day and trying to make it as healthy as possible if and when theres any way for me to eat like he dose i definatly will. i doubt hes super human he just eats like a monkey king would in the jungle hahahaha thats the way i look at it
  11. any1 know any real numerology and whatnot

    interesting.... thanks daoian, if you wana humor me i have sum questions anyone can answer..... do the sites give acurate numbers and or info? if so all my sh*t is like 3, 9, and 11 so whats that mean? throw me a bone im no genius with these things
  12. any1 know any real numerology and whatnot

    thanks for your usefull input
  13. hey i was just wondering if anyone knew about or was interested in numerology astrology name signifgance and whatnot PM me if so because evry single free site i go to says i have powers and im gunna save the world and sh*t of that variety wich i want to be true, i dont put to much on it though hahaha ryan hunter peter smart july, 31 1989 8:07 AM

    freaky i always preferd not to use toothpaste and was scolded for it but ive held my ground from about 4 yrs old to this day