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  1. Controlling Sexual Desire

    This is a great point, accept your urges, as my ethics teacher last year said (Junior year) "When you are horny, you don't need to take care of it right away, rejoice in the fact that you are young" That is a paraphrase but it is true. Accept the thoughts just like Taiji Student said, don't fight them and they go away, if you fight them you will keep failing. It is all about the right mindset which means Understand yourself and sexuality. Also, I would recommend practicing non-ejaculatory orgasms and exercising the PC muscle check out http://www.thetaobums.com/male-multiple-orgasms-t3460.html because it cultivates a mindset of positive sexuality.
  2. I Am a Tree

    I like this, actually it is very applicable to martial arts, in a Tai Chi theory book and my tai chi class, I read that we are equatable to trees in that, from the earth our feet are rooted (or if you are very good you can be rooted in the air) giving us balance and energy, and this balance manifests, from feet, to knees, to hips, to abdomen, to chest, to shoulder, to elbow to arm and maybe even fingers. This martial teaching really shows you how each part of the body is integral in martial sciences. Just as a tree needs roots trunk branches to make fruit or leaves. Also in meditation I learned in standing that we are to draw Qi from the ground through us. Very cool thought
  3. Good Day EveryBum!

    I am a new member, mostly do Tai Chi, and some Iron Palm, I am very interested in holistic healing and LOVE nature, my name means Hermit of the woods (I guess thats what the translator said!) to reflect this. I would love to learn what books to buy etc, and I am interested in chakra but know nothing and would like to learn more about redirecting this and Qi but don't know where to start. Looks like a great forum and I hope to get to know you all!