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  1. zen+zhan zhuang

    Hi all I'm wondering if anyone has tried integrating zen practice with zhan zhuang. I've done much zen in the past, and have recently come to zhan zhuang, and in the interest of keeping my spiritual practices clean and simple (dont have that much time in the day) I've been trying to integrate the two (eg, think of nothing while doing ZZ, wait for samadhi). Wonder if anyone here has had any experience with this attitude towards practice. sort of like this: would appreciate any responses! thanks.
  2. Alternative High Cholesterol Remedies? look up all the cholesterol stuff on his site. I really believe he knows what he's talking about.
  3. neigong in china

    nah, man...i know some mandarin. I asked about china because that's where I live! (i'm an expat in Shanghai...I'm willing to move around the country though)
  4. neigong in china

    hi everyone! I'm wondering if someone here could help me. I'm a complete beginner but very interested in neigong -- does anyone know if there is somewhere in CHINA where I could practice it in the LONG TERM (1 year or so). Any help would be appreciated!
  5. new member

    Hi everyone! I have a keen interest in Daoism and currently living in Shanghai, China. Hope to make use of this board!