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  1. Hello, everyone! I am a long-time student of taiji and qigong, and having experienced a little bit of qi and shen (and perhaps jing, though I'm not sure): I want to learn a lot more about all that! I don't really claim to know what qi is, and I don't know where it comes from -- my experience just tells me that it is. Maybe it is some sort of all-pervading cosmic soup, or maybe it's just a vital force that all objects have, or maybe it's even a specific biological phenomenon. Feel free to try to convince me any way you want on that one! From what I know of Taoist philosophy, I think the interplay of forces provides a good check on a lot of potentially dangerous perspectives. I don't really understand the religion of Taoism, if it has religious aspects, so if any of you want to enlighten me, I would welcome the pleasure. Although I found this site looking for traditional Chinese garb (men's hanfu, daofu, and cheongsam) for practice and demonstration, I'm absolutely certain that I will find a lot more than that. I am extremely grateful for having found this site. ~Anemos Eternal Student
  2. Traditional Chinese Clothing

    Hi there! I am extremely interested in buying some traditional Chinese men's daofu and cheongsam in which to practice T'ai Chi, especially if I can find them in silk. Aiwei, are you still offering to sell these clothes? If not, does anybody know where I should look? I'm also interested in finding some of the Wudang style robes -- I find that I resonate strongly with wind and lightning, and loose clothing that moves in the wind activates my shen. If any of you know where I might find some of these clothes, let me know: I would be very grateful. ~Anemos