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  1. What are you listening to?

    Del genero reggaeton: Ven, bailalo - Angel y Khris Scandalous - Dile (Cuentalo) - Don Omar La Doncella - Zion y Lenox
  2. The joy of shitting

    When I went to Okinawa, it seemed so modern a city that I never expected to see their version of a WC. I went to this upscale restaurant and this was the first time I ate outside the base. I had to go to the WC to do number 2 and I was trying to find the typical US version of a toilet! All I saw was nice clean porcelain ground level version of a toliet (unisex) that it took a little getting use to! The stooping prevented you from bringing in your library to read, as it were!
  3. dorshugla

    craig, there are no qigong techniqes in military, at least overtly but the ARt of WAr is as subtle as a hammer and in use in various stages. I did taijiquan and qigong on my own time (Korea/Taiwan). my stated mission was to meet the enemy, engage and destroy! so much for subtlety. I can honestly say that the military add reality (boot camp) to those who think softness, 'damaging without touch wannabees', walking on water stuff, dancing in pajamas taichi training is da bomb. Reality will sink in real fast on a 5 mile run. Good for endurance and stamina!
  4. Vispassana Retreat Review

    Vipassana is the best because you have to let go of on'e false impression of self and many peiople prefer to feed the false perception. It is truly unadorned, no special anything-just bring self. Like the Dzogchen expressoion of 'like a dog chasing its own tail" we enjoy it but do not understand why we do not receive the fruit of its experssion!! sarva mangalam
  5. Girls who dont meditate?

    Between 2 people if there is contention with mundane issues the battle is already lost. If some is accepting or rejecting you it is usually on materialistic issues like status, employment, ego so energetics of male and female, despite it being obvious, is lost. If people are looking for a free financial ride (male or female) with the normal USA lifestyle, then none of this Daoist stuff will work. People will end up using it as part of their "spiritual materislistic" tool box (per Chogyam Trungpa) and it become the glue to entrap and abuse others. Nothing more.
  6. dorshugla

    howdy all, dorshugla. interesting posts here so I decided to drop by and share my experiences. I am taijiqan and qigong practitioenr. Haved lived in SE Asia, been in military (semper fi) and a decent bloke, i imagine.