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  1. New Interview with Chang's Student

    interesting, thank you.
  2. Is it real? National Geographic

    wow never seen that last video of john mwight posted with the '1st westerner student'. Very confincing also thx for the torrent link, downloading now
  3. Kunlun book and first level

    exactly my thoughts
  4. The Magician of Java

    Hi Sabretooth, I got both books respectively 3 months and 1 month ago from amazon, they were in stock back then and were shipped in one week to the Netherlands. Both books are definitely worth reading! You should order them now and start reading all the topics about the books on this site while waiting
  5. Hi there!

    Hi guys, my name is Krijn Boom, 22, and I'm from the Netherlands. Been sneaking 'round this forum for a while reading topics about John Chang (read both magus of java and the second book from kosta) and the kunlun bliss (which book I recently ordered). I'm just curious about all stuf and whish to learn more about what's really going on in live talk to you later