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  1. Identify the quote (a.k.a. Time to get to the bottom of this one...)

    Thanks to everyone for their input on this. However, as you can imagine, I am still not convinced that it's Laozi... or really linked to any other stuff that we've covered here. There's just too much variation for it to even be close... I hope that, one day, we can get a line on this one and get some more context for it.
  2. The Moscow dragon

    word to this. Snow Dragon... I'm going to get you on speed dial!
  3. Any idea if this interview will be going to print?
  4. What is so "special" about full lotus?

    I was going to drum up a reply to this thread, but Chen has pretty much nailed it. It also has to do with pressure in the upper portion of your body (and maintaining that pressure). Also, women can generally get away with 1/2 Lotus in all schools, whereas us guys have to go all the way. Bummer for us.
  5. MT

    I was listening to the latest NOMEANSNO album yesterday, and I am becoming more & more convinced that Rob has been studying Buddhism... it's all over the record once you think to listen for it. NOMEANSNO is also not for your average dinner party... in case anyone is thinking about looking around for some.
  6. Ok, it's ALL over the Internet... I've seen it in the odd book... and EVERYONE claims's it's Laozi.. but curiously, no one can identify the origin of this quote. What is your 2 cents on the matter? "Music in the soul can be heard by the Universe." ???????????
  7. MT

    haha. Best answer.
  8. Bruce Lee? For the most part, thread is deece. Some wacko claims... but hey, this is the Internet, right?
  9. Vegetarian diet and body building / hard training

    I couldn't agree more with this point of view. Spot on. I am not sure if you are in the USA (I'm not) but if you are, I would suggest getting this: Forget about whatever else is in protein powders (casein, egg whites, etc.)... this stuff is all you will need. Also, as has been stated above, read The China Study. I will tell you from first hand experience.... you will hear people shooting down veggie diets for your entire life, however, when it comes time for you to sit there in meditation and pull all of that shit out of your bone marrow.. you will realize why you went vegetarian. Oh it's still going to hurt, but you're going to see results a lot faster than many others will. Only then will you truly realize why people who argue "if you can eat spinach, you can eat pigs because they are both 'alive'" totally have no idea what they are talking about. But hey, don't take my word for it.... as with all things, investigate this for yourself. Prove it to yourself. Train like a mofo dude. Cheers!
  10. Yin Xian Fa and Ling Bao Bi Fa Cultivation Methods

    I am at a loss as to why getting the books discussed in this thread is so difficult for many people. It isn't like you are finding stone carved manuscripts in far-off caves underneath waterfalls. This is the damn Internet! GOOGLE, people. I have purchased all of the books discussed here on Amazon-esque websites using perfectly legitimate means. Instead of downloading everything, why not try actually buying the books and supporting the authors and the publishers who make this stuff available. Gee, I guess it's only the afterlife we're talking about.. no biggie... I'll just grab this along with that new Kanye .mp3. It's like meeting your favourite band and then telling them "Hey, I totally DOWNLOADED your whole album last week for free!" Looks REEEAL good....
  11. World's only Biologically Immortal Creature

    HAH. Thanks Ken... this post of yours just (potentially?) disproved my skepticism over this actually being a jellyfish...
  12. Vibration creates form - Clip

    Yep... Cymatics. Great stuff. I studied this stuff for a couple of years and I still love it. The video clips are from Hans Jenny's research video footage. If anyone's interested in getting more info on this, I'd suggest Cymaticsource. Jeff Volk is pretty much THEE flag-waver here in North America for this stuff. Want to know what Mandalas really are? Investigate this stuff...
  13. Bruce Lee

    I also find it funny that whoever took the time to Photoshop this gem together has obviously failed to realize that, while Bruce was extremely proficient in Mantis, there is no Mantis in JFJKD! This little image seems to imply that the man who taught Bruce Mantis actually taught him JKD. Which passes well into the realm of the ridiculous. People's Egos are funny things....
  14. Bruce Lee

    I wholeheartedly agree with all of the above. Also, for anyone who's been following this - some cool news from HK: