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  1. Learning Chinese

    As has been pointed out, some form of immersion is best. If there's no community of Chinese folks near you, then you could try multimedia cds and some chinese shows/movies in the context that you'd like. This is important so that you'd get some essense of the Chinese language. Then you can proceed on to books. Peter Falk has given some great advice. If you're intending to go to China or Taiwan, learn Mandarin and you can use the hanyu pinyin system to assist in reading Chinese characters. There are books in the market which deal with technical Chinese as well ie if you'd want to read up stuff on TCM, accupunture theory etc,,, HTH
  2. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    Well I'm a fan of Taiji Classics and a dash of some Zen koans here and there... For starters: "yong yi bu yong li" Is it the banner (flag) or wind which moves?
  3. dreams

    Hmmm, well couple of years back at uni, used to kind of scan through my textbook. Then I'd go to sleep. Then my mind would just seem to be sorting and making energetic connections and stuff. Certainly seemed to have helped in developing a more flexible mindset and learning towards the subject.
  4. Hello folks!

    Hey Sean, Thanks for the warm welcome. Got your pm and replied a few days back though I'm not sure whether you've read it yet. Cheers, Rob
  5. Warrior Wellness vs 5 Tibetans

    @ hagar. Most useful observations. It be interesting to practise the 5 Tibetans as softly as possible especially in the sense of how high level taijiquan practitioners move their body. Btw for anyone looking for a quick recap on the five tibetans. Check out this website -
  6. Hello folks!

    Hi All, Well I just had to register here! Afterall what's one to do when in the process of googling the net, one keeps on coming up with links to TaoBums? Hope to get to know y'all better as time goes by... Ciao Rob.