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  1. Jim McMillan has passed away

    I don't really know Jim that well, only through some communications a few years ago. My sincere condolences to his family.
  2. I am curious what's the point you are trying to make here ?
  3. According to Da Dao Xing (Chinese version of Opening the Dragongate), Master Wang's teachers were about 70 years old in in 1960s, hence the oldest the living master can be is about 120, give or take 5 years.
  4. arrr yes Jim, who communicated with me a year or two ago because he wants to know about history of Mohism in China. He didn't sound like such a deranged and egoistic person in those emails. It's interesting how someone who doesn't understand Chinese nor his Master's first language, Indonesian, knows about the ancient way. It seems his understanding is that he should get whatever info he wants because that's that ancient way of doing things. You know Jim, in the ancient way of doing, the disciple will devote everything to his Master, not just himself but everything he owns. Flying over to Indonesia once in a while to ply information out of your teacher is not devote. In the ancient way of doing thing, the student has no right to demand the teaching, if the teacher stopped teaching you, that's it and you don't go around and insult him and the ancestors to the first persons you met. Ancestors worship is one of the most important aspect of Chinese culture that I haven't yet known to exist in other cultures, and I believe this is one reason why Chinese have preserved so much ancient knowledge. To insult the ancestor as a demon is an insult to the whole lineage. Jim, you should be glad Mopai people are doing things modern way now, because in the ancient way of doing things, you would have been crushed like a cockroach that you are for insulting Mopai Master and the Ancestors. You should be thankful your teacher and other students are still so kind to you.
  5. Thanks for the compliments although I can't really take any credit since everything on there are Shen laoshi's writings/researches (or his more advanced students').
  6. Right on. Intelligent Design is nothing but creationism in disguise, it has no scientific basis, make no valid scientific predictions. I highly recommend anyone to read Judge John Jones highly readable decision on the Dover case back in 2005 for a complete take down of ID's false facade.
  7. Mozi Neidan Scam

    It's clear that TheTaoBum is not Jeanette, they may know each other but they are definitely not the same person. I don't think "Taoist Yoga" (性命法决明指) is of any use, quite worthless in my opinion. The lineage descendant of the author had to go to Beijing to learn the 24 simplified Taijiquan in the 70s . I have heard they only do Taiji now and none of the practice outlined in the book. edit: wrote 90s originally but it was much earlier.
  8. Mozi Neidan Scam

    I am quite willing to bet that connectedtaoist=eletric gravity=thundermind=Eli Wilson.
  9. Mozi Neidan Scam

    MPG and TheTaoBum have agreed to a payment plan for the refund on page 3 here. So I don't think you should torment him anymore about the refund...
  10. Mozi Neidan Scam

    I am glad this is getting resolved although I don't think a public apology is needed, you have put in far too much effort than reasonably expected in getting your refund for a fair transaction. But a public statement of resolution is probably a good thing so that TheTaoBum can clear his name.
  11. Mozi Neidan Scam

    The problem is that there is still the question of the un-refunded $150 which TheTaoBum has himself admitted of receiving. Unless this is resolved I don't think it's fair for MPG to just move on. But now if you are willing to give MPG $150 then I am sure he will be happy to take it and let this matter drop, otherwise you don't have any right to ask him to move on.
  12. Cutting the root of the spirit?

    No.2 means completing and attaining the highest level possible in inner alchemy training, a.k.a becoming a fully realized Spiritual Immortal (神仙), Master Wang had said as much in an off-hand comment during a seminar last year. I have never heard of no. 1 though and without his verbatim answer in Chinese, it's impossible to even guess at what it mean. However, you are talking about going against reincarnation, the grandest flow of the universe, which only a full Spiritual Immortal can stop, so even if "cutting off spirit/soul root" is a practice, it won't be easier to achieve than becoming a full-blown realized immortal. I am more inclined to think that it is a task that can be done by a spiritual immortal or some similar being. Of course these are only speculations and for everyone on this forum, that's the only thing we can do because we are only mortals and these concept are beyond our understanding. I will suggest that if you get a chance to ask Master Wang again, either through an online Q&A or a class, ask him again but be more specific, like asking him "Is cutting off the root of the spirit a practice that one can do? Or is it a task that have to be performed on you by others?".
  13. Well done, you nailed it completely! There is nothing more infuriating to me than new age superstitious asshats spewing their bullshit on the web.
  14. David Shen Verdesi

    edit: fucking Verizon connection!
  15. David Shen Verdesi

    Well your (1) is new to me, i was talking about (2). Also I am happy to further discuss this and anything related to longmen if anyone is interested in my limited understandings but can we start a new thread? I don't want to discuss authentic teachings of Master Wang under a thread that's titled "David Verdesi". Yuck, I feel sullied and I don't want to give him any free association of Master Wang for even a tiny hint of legitimacy. Edit: You mean his high fantasy? There is nothing traditional daoism is his writings, it's 30% half-truth and 70% bullshit aim to tempt the naive 20-year olds with wet dreams of super power. Although I have to give it to him that he is a pro-active person who really go out and seek out his wet dream, which is more than a lot of people who want to cultivate from their parent's basement through the internet. But he is still a liar shitface scumbag though.