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  1. FR~EE Ebook ... "Neiye, Inner Cultivation"

    Oh dear, not another one !!
  2. Bill Bodri at meditationexpert.com

    Could you elaborate further ?
  3. Off Topic: Your Current Intentions

    Deepening my practice of The Four Noble Truths, THE core teaching of the Buddha. Devoting more time to meditation and contemplation/reflection and less time on martial arts. More cardio and bodyweight exercises.
  4. Winning Browie Points

    Beautiful. A lesson for everyone.
  5. Zhan Zhuang

    Hi Don't run any orbit whilst standing, aim for relaxation first using the wuji posture. Start with say 5 minutes, add a minute every week up to 20 minutes. This way you won't notice the increase much. After a few months you can start working with more postures. Don't rush it. You are changing the habits of a lifetime, it takes time. If you're training this alone, get someone to check your posture every now and again. There's some good resources online. Lam Kam Chuen's books are about the best around on this subject also. Have fun zz
  6. Should Li Jiong be banned from Tao Bums

    No, don't ban him. I can practice my one lined sarcasm on him when he makes ridiculous claims.
  7. Secrets of Universe

    Sorry James, but if you read through all of Li Jiong's posts, they all form a familiar pattern. His 'secret system' , asking for money, and then those who question his methods are told that they are unable to be saved etc etc. There are many fraudsters making ridiculous claims, and there are a few who use these forums. It's about time that they are exposed for what they are. I'm sorry if this offends anyone but we need to know that if we are spending time and money, we need to know what we are getting for it.
  8. 30 days free trial

    Maybe the 'karma police' have him
  9. Secrets of Universe

    You sound like a Jehovas Witness and not a compassionate being at all. Who are you to judge who can and cannot 'be saved'? To be saved from what exactly ? And by who/what ? You really need to do some of your own self questioning. You seem very bitter to those who do not buy your 'courses' or who criticize your methods. This is not The Way, not at all. Try selling your 'secret methods' elsewhere.
  10. 30 days free trial

    So, does the price of your course buy a ticket to your 'Noah's Ark' when the floods come ?
  11. Nine steps to spiritual immortal

    Horseshit !
  12. Nine steps to spiritual immortal

    Keep off the LSD man
  13. Why is payment necessary for learning the Tao?

    WE are not the greedy one's. You keep asking for payments. All of my knowledge and experience I pass on freely to sincere seekers because I know of the benefits it will have. I ask for NOTHING in return. Hopefully you may see the error of your ways and find the right path.
  14. Secrets of Universe

    Enough said