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  1. Wing Chun and Taoism

    True, Daoism has no patent or even a trademark on qi- or neigong :-) The internal energy has been realized and used by many around the world.
  2. An interesting interview from an inspirational point of view. I am kind of surprised to see one of the few practical details - the reversed breathing. In all the systems I've practiced or read about, this is considered too strong of a practice and not one to be done for too long. Interesting to see he recommends it 100% of the time.
  3. Qi Dao - Lama Somananda Tantrapa

    Sure we do! There are so many new TM, Copy Righted etc. styles and teachings... And so many masters who start a book with "Welcome to my world of Qi/Chi" - it is hard to keep track. So I think a show like that is long overdue! Especially for any expert who needs a boost of his understanding of Tao (is this phrase with 2 or 3 oxymorons?) And yes, Chopra as an Indian who recently denounced the importance of the Inidan roots of Yoga will be a good guest on a show about traditional Eastern ways of life. Go ahead and do it! "Therefore the Master acts without doing anything and teaches without saying anything." TTC, 2 Tashi Delek!
  4. Jeff Primack

    Yes indeed. Humble is good. Like in "Supreme Science Qigong Center" Humbleness comes in the Taoist (and virtually all other) traditions, but since this system is new and has nothing to do with any previous Taoist (or other) concepts, methods, teachers, writings - no need to acknowledge them or be too humble in one's own position. Oh wait - it does use "chi", "jing", etc and it look so much like Qigong!!! Wait, wait - actually the site is www.qigong.com. And a Supreme one at that! :-) Hm... Interesting rediscovery. I know of another guy who "developed his own" thing, but he gives lots of it for free http://www.chioshealing.com/ Probably, because many of the wise people ahead of us suggested we gain by giving. Or he is just not a good enough salesman (not everyone is). Don't know. But sad to see Qigong starts to get the bad vibes the Yoga has now in the USA for decades now with the infinite numbers of schools, teachings, methods and granted USA PATENTS !!! Turning ancient spiritual ways of life into self-helping, big auditorium, multi Media events is possible in the USA. It is after all the birthplace of the megachurches and TV evangelists. Whether it is good for the traditions and the truths they keep - I guess some will argue. Pray the Lord! I mean - "Go into Raise hands" :-) Just kidding, Jeff. While pointing the obvious. Good luck! Evgeny Kolev Ar. Heights, IL USA (BTW, I don't see anonymous posts here - doesn't one need an account to post!?)
  5. Risks of Genetically Modified Foods

    The sad thing is, that definition of Organic in the USA does not exclude GMO
  6. Have I guessed right?

  7. Have I guessed right?

  8. What is a phenomenon?

    The guy created TONS of methods for the Modern Human. Lots of different Dynamic meditations. Not to mention his contribution to the explanation of the existing methods (check "The Book of Secrets") Again - not sure how this answers my question. If Buddha gave you the Answer, why keep on searching? Why hanging in Taoist and other forums? Buddha didn't advocate that to my knowledge, so logically there is a different answer, no? :-)
  9. Have I guessed right?

    What did you guys get in UK - the constipation/diarrhea flu !? :-)
  10. Camellia sinensis

    Well, there are lots of Tea based forums, Facebook networks etc. I guess many of us love tea (a cup of Keemun next to me right now) Nothing wrong with tisanes (which you referred too). The coffeine is not the reaosn why Tea is great in my opinion. If it were - go for the sodas :-) Many of the tisanes are amazing, healthy and very important supplements! I grew up with them and keep adding more (like Tulsi for example). I also plan to start my own kombucha production. Still miss the point of the thread - questions, opinions...?
  11. Levitation anyone?

    The videos you find on YouTube - most fraud or/and jokes. Several actually show how it is done. And then, in India there are competitions on levitations. Which are series of jerk like jumps the body is doing - some friend in TM were doing them too.
  12. What is a phenomenon?

    Still standing on my post 86: What is the search for, if you already know the answers!? From my point the same LOL can be used for the 36 schools of Buddhism that appeared the day after Buddha died. And still many sects exist today - one Buddhism must be better than the other? Absolutely support Unconditioned on his view about the thread, the claims in it and the ego amounted. Will kick some butt, Sunday, Dwai....! :-)
  13. Have I guessed right?

    Wrong. There won't be the concept of ugly/beautiful - Tao Te Ching 2 Deciding that the mountian is beautiful, the raven is whatever, and the picture has this or that meaning - you already separate. Hence you are not accepting, hence - not one with the Tao. I guess I was too subtle in the first post... That would be great, wouldn't it ?:-) But here we are - writing back to you :-)
  14. games with a message

    Can't access it now (Firewall at work), but what is the revelance of games, addiction and getting bored to TTB? :-)