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    Interesting experiences!!! I do not know where to begin.....ask me some Q's! I have had so many, give me a direction to go in.... Physical, worldly, celestial, emotional, etc. I have had, the room fill with the smell of roses, rain falling from the ceiling and not on the floor, wind and lightning, appearence of animal spirits...(white tiger/lungs) walking acroos the lawn, levitation (whitnessed) celestial music.... who needs TV laoshr
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    I am Larry Tupper from Cape Cod, Ma....about 90 miles south of Boston... Jiles and I became Senior CNT instructors the same summer... I know his viscera and he knows
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    Yoda, Hello, how are you? Yes, there are many additions and changes even at the time of the first printing. The book is the ground floor for readers. The art of Chi Lei Jong is empty without one practicing and cultivating in thier own life. Self -cultivation is primary. It occurrs naturally and intentionally. Spontaneously and on command. The Tao for me is about being and becoming as a state of mind. Being in a happy mood, and a not so happy mood. Being in a sad mood, and a not so sad mood. Yin within Yang, Yin becomes Yang, Yang within Yin, Yang becomes Yin and so on... My experience and view of Healing Tao studies are from the point of view as a Chi Lei Jong student/practioner/teacher..... I studied directly with Mantaak Chia as many have...and there is only one word that defines the teachings... AUTHENTIC Do and Be a cultivator, "do it and get it" as we say. The understanding of oneself makes for a better healer, so I do my practices. Then I do massage and find myself in others experiences. Laoshr
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    Thank You Mal! I began my meditation practices at age 15, became a Taoist at 33, a Buddhist at 39, only to find me at the end...LOL. Surrender, Open and Command the Tao to come to you with Gratitude, Love and Grace. Laoshr
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    Hi all, I am a practicing Taoist of 23 years, my specialty is Chi Lei Jong. You may know it as Chi Nei Tsang. I was a co-writer of the CNT book. I have been practicing and teaching the Healing Tao and other Taoist, Buddhist practices including Lesser, Greater and Greatest Kan and LI. I cultivate my spirit first, I am Healer second, and a Martial artist. Please ask me anything? Peace