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  1. Kunlun in Australia?

    Someone mentioned that the overhead cable-car wires in San Francisco made life difficult for Max. Must have been all the electromagnetic energy floating around. Unless he's *freakishly* tall... And yeah, it wouldn't be good for Melbourne's image amongst the bums if he was Graham Polak'd by a killer tram!
  2. Kunlun in Australia?

    Maybe it'd be a good idea if we Aussie Kunlun Lurker Bums made ourselves known, to give Chris an idea of numbers? So, yeah, count me in for any Australian seminar. Don't mind where. Also, just thought I'd mention that Melbourne has quite a few trams -- similar to San Francisco -- so Max may have some problems there. -Will.
  3. the usual...

    Thanks Shon (and Mal and Kyle and others) for taking the time to welcome us newbies. I'm sure it contributes much to the cameraderic atmosphere around TTB. Cheers, Will
  4. the usual...

    Hi guys, About me: My cultivation map has been heavily shaped by Ken Wilber and all those Integral types. Just starting Kunlun (from the book). Have read a few taoist books, but still very much a newbie. My main taoist influence has been this forum (thanks!). I look forward to contributing something useful one of these days... Will.