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  1. the warrior diet

    Thank you for your advise....with the informations you gave, its obvious that you know about the main digestive enzymes that we humans possess...my point is from there....and I am against all the grains...at least human physiology gives hint about that...but am sorry that I don't need much study about it.
  2. the warrior diet

    I finished reading the book "The warrior's diet"....the main points that I understood, is fasting, cutting the carbs and eating one main meal per day....I have to try it. Lets see how much time it will take for me to get adjusted. If anyoen read the book, do the recipes in the book are for one person? because 1.5lbs is 600 gram, thats big portion. Yes, we as humans should stay low on carbs (just fruits). if all humans stay low on carbs, then they will become leaner...although genetics plays a big role on a person's appearance, metabolism, etc...
  3. Qigong / Chi-Kung

    Very interesting topic, just want to share my view. Qigong is the path to reach to the highest levels of Gung Fu...lets say the so called "external" styles ging is elemenatry compared with the ging obtained through qigong exercises...every system has its own qigong or internal trainings and these takes years to mature ( depends on the practitonar's dedication to his/her art and if this practitionar is learning from a genuine Teacher). What I believe, a martial artist if learns high level qigong, he or she will be able to disrupt another person's energy from a distance, will have the ability to heal by energy, will be able to send energy to far distances, will be able to raise his body defying the gravity, will have the so called "soft" iron body and iron palm ...also might reach the astral travel....as for the art of dim mak...I don't think any teacher would teach that because that art is killing art, its just preserved in systems only to a single person or very selected few, just to keep the knowledge...these are some of the internal abilities that are reached through qigong only. I believe there are many systems out there that are still kept in monastries and mostly families for generations and they will stay that way...because its not easy to trust an outisder, but the knowledge is there. If a person is learning a system which has the internal training, and convinced of that system, then that will be a life journey for them to reach the highest levels that their system provides.
  4. Eastern secret societies

    Thank you Patrick, the meaning may be esoteric to those who don't have an idea of chi gung, but to those who have the idea and are practicing their chi gung, the meaning stops to be esoteric. Chi Gung is the ultimate science and art, and I thank God everyday for having chance to practice chi gung exercises.
  5. Eastern secret societies

    I'm afraid that will not be able to interprete, and mostly my interpretation will be wrong...but I see glaxies, stars and the connection of everything to each other...it would be very nice if you enlighten me more. Thanks alot.
  6. Eastern secret societies

    If you search for any picture of freemasonry temple or so...you'll see that there are two pillars...on left and right...the left one has the symbol of universe...and the right has the planet earth pictured....we all know that when we meditate or do our chi gung exercises...we get energy from the sky( universe)...and that energy is yang, warm energy and it resembles the male....and the yin, cool energy from the earth and it symbolizes the female....so when we meditate these two energies combine in our body....they also say that both pillars are the base in freemasonry...plus they say everything in the universe is connected to each other....if we take this to energy level...all beings, be that matter or non-matter and living beings are connected. I have seen a symbol in freemasonry books which is called David's star....lets apply that on us....feet, hands spread sides or upwards and the head....I've seen such posture in chi gung exercises. These are the similarities that I see...may be there are more similarities. Am sorry if I did some linguistic mistakes...its 2:30AM and I was going offline...but saw the reply and wanted to reply before going for sleep. Good night to all
  7. Eastern secret societies

    WOW..."kill without touching"...means the ability to disturb someone's energy from distance...thats one of the ultimate levels I think...but lets ask to ourselves this question...if we attain such level...would we easily teach that knowledge publicly or even to few?....I'd certainly not teach that, untill I'll be sure of the way that student will use it...and to be sure of someone takes years. As for Freemasonry...its not secret organisation, but has its secrets within...we all know there are books which are freely sold and even can be found free online....and personally I find Freemasonry and qigong principles very close to each other.
  8. Greetings

    Thanks all, yes I live and practice in Beirut,Lebanon
  9. Tell me more about this John Chang.

    As for me...qigong seems easy in postures...but the difficulty is in the dedication and faith about maturing the postures. And some qigong postures or levels are really dangerous and most people want quick, overnight results and qigong doesn't work that way...plus, some learnings can make the person to have ability in harming other people's health, so issue of trust is important too. What I mean, I believe in the abilities of John Chang, and agree that some of his teachings should not go public, like the fire palm ability...I saw that clip on youtube and its real, no tricks in it but learning it is dangerous.
  10. Tell me more about this John Chang.

    Just my opinion....I believe in John Chang's abilities...watched the clip how he does the fire...he is very high level in his art.
  11. Greetings

    Thank you
  12. Greetings

    Greetings, I am a western medicine physician living in Beirut,Lebanon, found this forum few days ago, am enjoying the posts. I enjoy some chi gung meditations, do them daily. I also watch some clips on youtube, like some of them.