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  1. What is the Most Important Thing?

    the simplest of answers are almost always spot-on
  2. What is the Most Important Thing?

    I happen to agree here. I think that if we are to ask any question like this, we must first look at the role the Mind has in the problem. The mind is not our friend
  3. hi

    I'm 17. My name is Robert, but passer-by is fine too. I've been familiar with the Way for a few years, and haven't been really in touch with it until recently, when I have been at home a lot. As of now, I am prepping for changes in my life, because I am newly graduated from high school. I see this era of non-activity as a very good thing, and I am trying to get right with Tao in this appropriate time. If you've read this far, I thank you, and hope to have a nice conversation with you on this... interesting forum.