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  1. Very nice place here ! Hello everyone !

    Hi Patrick , thanks for the link , but right now I m not interested anymore about Sri Chinmoy meditation . I was born 600 meters distance from Dracula Palace ...(my family must eat a lot of garlic) ...LOL Vali
  2. About Bruce Lee

    Hi guys , In Enter the dragon ...Bruce is a Shaolin monk ? In Silent Flute ....a taoist ? In real life was a : buddhist , taoist ....christian ? or none of this ? Vali
  3. Hello everyone ! Very nice place here ! I m Vali from Romania (u know DRACULA LAND ). I practice some Wu-Shu (Nan-Chuan , Chang-Chuan and Tai Chi) , Wing Chun in the same time . I was curios about Yoga (Hatha Yoga and Sry Chinmoy Yoga (meditation) ) ....left all that and I start practice Qi-gong for 4 years with a chinesse Master Song Yong . I was interested about the Tao-ism but is not so much info about that here I m . Vali