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  1. Zdraveite

    Well, culture has a different way to influence people. I just feel there's something a bit alien in Chinese philosophy for me. I prefer the concept of God or simply Spirit when speaking of the unspeakable. Tao is ok too, but bears less personal meaning. I didn't mean Bulgarian culture only, but Christian culture in general. And again, it's really up to the specific person to choose
  2. Zdraveite

    Hello I am from Bulgaria ('zdraveite' means 'hi to you all' in Bulgarian). As most so-called spiritual people nowadays i have been reading and practicing quite a lot and different things. I am still far from having found 'my way'... But i find taoist practice very powerful - especially qigong and tai chi. I 'study' qigong from books. I started attending tai chi classes recently. Working with energy is very appealing for me, as everything can be defined through terms of energy - from the Matter and the Personal Power, to the Spirit. Plus - working with energy as a spiritual path has very practical, experiential side As much as i like taoist practice, i can't say the same about chinese philosophy and view about reality. I know it's deep and genuine, but i guess i just don't like it. Lao Tzu is cool, but I Ching, the teachings about the Five Elements and stuff like that - it is not my thing. Maybe it is just cultural differences, i don't know. I think the contrast between my attitude towards taoist practice and philosophy is very stimulating, because it helps me learn without taking anything for granted The idea about a forum where people can discuss their experience with taoist practice is very very good