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  1. scary shit in oz

    YES there ARE chemtrails in China! Did you not see them yesterday? Every blue sky day, just about, I see them. Otherwise, too much pollution (or they don't bother when already cloudy? dunno) All morning, yesterday in the Lido area and all around in town. By 1 pm they were criss crossed everywhere. I got a ton of photos. By 3 pm it was totally fogged and remains so today. Who here is IN Beijing? best, Liora in Beijing
  2. Liora In Beijing

    I'm glad to have found this group. I'm Moderator of BOCA, Beijing Organic Consumers' Association a yahoo! group with 340 members. I'm here to find others to discuss orgone, HHGs, chemtrails and cell phone towers among other things. best, Liora Beijing