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  1. Origins of Taoism

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  2. Origins of Taoism

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  4. Origins of Taoism

    Hello I am Christian so this is the view i get about that: I feel that in very ancient times when Adam lived in Earth most people were Christians, then when they traveled to different country some group came to China and whit the knowledge they knew about Christianity the found inspirations of the beautiful land of China and from there the Yin and Yang came thanks to inspiration from God, and from there came Tao! Like i said this is what i belive, in the few books i had read i had not really understand or get the really information where Taoism originate! But i need to read this 2 books to understand more: Faith of Our Fathers by Chan Kei Thong Finding God in Ancient China: How the Ancient Chinese Worshiped the God of the Bible by Chan Kei Thong, Charlene L. Fu Like i said i read this book because like Christian i like to read in a Christian point of view about the origin. I don't say this is the right or the true origin, because i don't know! Any way i belive also that Tao is or was like the word for God in ancient time! Good bye
  5. Wang Liping in Denmark

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  6. Wizard Wang Liping?

  7. Your views about DAN TIAN!

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  8. Wizard Wang Liping?

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    I want to know what is tao.