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  1. Taoist yoga?

    Hi, this is my first non intro post on this forum My bagua teachers master from Taiwan is coming over in August to do some seminars and as well as bagua he is doing a daoist yoga one. This guy is very good, his name is Master He jing Han and the yoga one sounds interesting. I'm interested in spiritual alchemy but don't know exactly what taoist yoga is. Could someone give me a 101 explanation please? Thanks!!! Ed
  2. Intro from a cockney newbie

    Hi, my name is Ed, i'm from London uk. I'm 25 (26 on the 19th oct) and single. I'm a relative newcomer to the Eastern arts. I've allways done martial arts but wasn't into the spiritual side till a few years back. I meditate everyday which i've done now for two years. It's a simple counting breaths mind focusing one as well as a heart centre compassion practise my bagua teacher described to me. I do bagua at the moment and chi kung i've learnt from a wong kiew kit book. I'd like to start alchemy but don't know where to begin really. I'm hoping to go to Thailand in Febuary to my bagua teacher Alex Kozma's retreat centre where he is teaching a two week butter from the air training course. This is Tibetan buddhist qigong and meditation spiritual alchemy training. Look forward to talking with you guys and girls Peace Ed