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  1. An example of what unapproving a post does three
  2. An example of what unapproving a post does two
  3. An example of what unapproving a post does one
  4. as a test (this is why I have 2 accounts) "I reported my own post above." " edit to add: and I just realised that this is the top of the page post for most people, not with one post above it as this thread has unaproved post, so "I've reported my last post at the bottom of the other page" is true, except for mods. So every mod "knows" about it. Flags, icons, email notifications Yet I'm siting here looking and I see nothing indicating that. So every person looking at my post has to run through.
  5. Hi I'm Mal

    Yep, posts remain. Name changes to guest. All good.
  6. Personal Forum Control

    Yes that is weird it seems to do ..... absolutely nothing ?!?
  7. Forum Addiction

    That's right you tell them
  8. To Mal

    And this is my #2 account becaus eI once forgot what email I use to log into this forum and couldn't get in and had to re-create myself for an urgent question to the 'bums
  9. I'd like to leave the cutting as a last resort. But then again I don't know if physio alone will allow the 2 torn ligaments to heal correctly. May know more after the physio appointment today.
  10. bruce lee for strength

    Lighttime and steam, thanks for the info Pranaman I struggled to do one pullup too. But I found that doing Hundi pushups has also increased my pullups from 1 rep to 3. That might give you something to try till you can do enough reps to try pyramids etc... Remember to get enough rest, rest is important for muscle growth.
  11. Here is a tricky one for you I cleaned the cookies from my home computer and couldn't log in last night (work computer is fine) Though I may have forgotten the password and tried to get an email sent to [email protected] and got told no account with that email, my login was artmgs for my Mal screen name. So I though o.k. my PM notifications go to my work account xxx I'll try that one, but I got no user found with that email. I tried that address a few times and in one of the fields it looked like the email address was too long and was leaving the "au" off the end which could explain the no user found Still no luck trying to get in So I've re registered with a Mal#2 at my [email protected] email. I'll try the password resend once I'm back at work and have access to my work email, but I'm sure I'm using the correct password. Do you think the xxx email address might have too many characters and be causing the problem? Mal#2
  12. Another Intro

    Hi All, Well I reset the cookies on my computer and now can't seem to log back in I'm not to sure what my password is/was and the board couldn't seem to find me by my email address. It's just one of those days. p.s. if anyone wants to know about Me check out the user Mal