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  1. Hello! I am still very new to Taoism and have many questions as well as confusion, but thats to be expected From my understanding Taoism is pro human and animal rights. Why is it then that China (where Taoism was born) is so inhumane? I know other countries are just as bad and most often worse, but you would think that since Taoism and Buddhism promote peace and nonviolence China would be a little more pro human and animal rights. I'm sorry if I sound ignorant, but one of the main things that lead me to seek out a spiritual path was my belief in nonviolence. I undestand that Taoism came about thousands of years ago when China was a much different place, but can someone tell me where it all went wrong?
  2. staying present with split attention

    Right now, in this present dog is farting!
  3. staying present with split attention

    My childhood forced me to grow up quickly and to also live in a fantasy world. I really loved my made up world and tried to recruit people as much as I could but eventually I had to leave it all behind. Its not to say that I don't like an escape every now and then though I know a lot of people who are much older than I who still live in a fantasy world (a lot of wiccans and people who are into role playing games it seems) and its sort of sad and they can't cope with ANYTHING! I may have not had the best childhood but I am able to deal with all sorts of things a lot better than most of my friends who lead such a sheltered life. I chose to not resent my parents and forgave them. I'm not into holding grudges. Its bad chi. I took my childhood for what it was and I try not to focus on the past. I just think about the good memeories. This morning I stumped my toe really bad on the sidewalk and it started gushing blood. At first I was pissed and thinking why me? But then I thought, well, lets look at the situation here. I just stumped my toe and I'm bleeding and it hurts. It is what it is but I'm not going to dwell on it.
  4. Straddling two universes

    Wow, I have a lot of catching up to do! How will I ever be able to read all these books? Perhaps I should just let things happen as they happen. It seems to me the more I try my hardest to come in "contact" with the spirit world the harder it is. Maybe we ARE the spirits?
  5. staying present with split attention

    I understand this, yet I think what I'm saying is that if I'm for instance physically ill I would just try to meditate or visualize something peaceful instead of focusing on my sickness and I would focus on getting better. I would still be in the present moment, my mind would know that I was sick, but I would not try to embrace the ill feelings, I would try to remove them. Emotional damage can not be ignored, we are all aware of that. We can not repress our feelings, they will come out in some other way. But when I was a child I often locked myself in my room while my parents would scream at eachother and it sometimes could turn violent. I did not wish to embrace this moment. I would often just try to ognore them and go into my own little world, yet I was still aware as to what was going on but with out focusing so much on it I was able to reamain sane. I have never forgotten these emotional memories but by chosing not to focus on the screaming and the glass breaking I was able to not be drug into their violent world. I chose to ignore their stupidity and tried not to let it bring me down. I believe if I were to be in present moment during these outbursts I would have suffered a great deal more. Life to me isn't about embarcing suffering, this is why I choose not to be a buddhist. I am fully aware that it can't be avoided but I am determined to not let it consume me. I think what I need to know is really how "present moment" is defined.
  6. staying present with split attention

    I fond a lot of times I DON'T wish to be in the present moment. While I'm well aware of the benefits of staying in the present moment such as when you're doing something you enjoy (sex, eating, hiking etc.) it is often not a good idea for me to stay in the present moment when I'm in the middle of vomiting from a stomach flu or witnessing something terrible. Thats when I try to get the hell out of the "moment" I think being in the moment is a skill that we can apply when useful.
  7. Straddling two universes

    I have the same thoughts and have been wondering the same things. Is it something so simple as if you believe it then it is true and you can experience it? I have read a bit on Shamanism and find it very interesting but then there is the fact that a lot of the shaman do take a halluncinogen called " the truth vine" before they go to these other demensions. My theory is that we all vibrate energy and that the spirits vibrate at a frequency so fast that we can not usually see them. Much like a sound wave. I have no proof but I do believe in other demensions, why shouldn't I?
  8. Hello fellow Taoists!

    I'm wondering if a lot of men are Taoists merely because of the martial arts aspect? I myself lack the cordination to participate in such activites. My spiritual path is just unfolding itself. I am working on my discipline and its hard because I have been a bit depressed lately and have taken to sleeping in instead of getting up early to meditate, practice chi qung and my yoga. I'm in a bit of a rut but I'm hoping I can climb out of it soon.
  9. Hi, saying hello.

    I'm new around here as well and have begun to pratice Yoga myself. I am very interested in Taoist Yoga form and think I might check out the books you suggested. Nice to meet you!
  10. Hello fellow Taoists!

    Hello there! I am sort of new to Tasoism but have been seeking a spiritual path for quite some time now. I was considering follwing Buddhism but found that I coudn't agree with a lot of the material and found most of it a bit depressing. Then one day while researching Asian religions I found a site about the great Tao. Suddenly it all sort of clicked for me. Its nice to meet you all and I am glad I stumbled upon this wonderful site!