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    No problem here, but I use a mac...... What actually happened to suggest a virus linked with the page?
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    Hi Vortex, Samual Sagan has a very interesting FAQ about entities on his website. I recently read the book also, fascinating stuff and really puts it into a reasonable framework. FAQ here:- http://www.clairvision.org/ckb/ckbe/ckbl/f..._0000_0003.html Best Wishes, Steve
  3. Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy

    A DVD vesrion of this title is available via redwing books here: - http://www.redwingbooks.com/products/books/ChiKunHeaWor.cfm They actually have a good selection of his other DVD's and books available also:- http://www.redwingbooks.com/products/autho...n%20Johnson.cfm Hope this helps, Steve
  4. Time to introduce myself

    Hi fellow seekers, I have been lurking around the forums here for the past week or so and have decided to get involved where appropriate. I have had an interest in daoism for over 20 years kicked off by Bruce Lee movies and books and this strange phenomena called "chi". This lead me along a path of studying martial arts, chinese culture, alternative healing and eventually studying chinese medicine. I completed my studies in TCM in 2002 after 5 years university and an internship in China. That's the short story. Hope to learn more and contribute where I feel I can Best Wishes, Steve