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  1. semen retention

    A lot of Uddjana bandha, Mula bandha, Ashwivini Mudra, Nauli kriya, Sirsasana to refine the semen. "Shun Chu Sheng Ren, Ni Hui Cheng Xian"
  2. the tao bums map

    I'm italian too. Map is good idea. Peace.
  3. Good Free Kriya Book

    I signal this interesting site inside of which can find a free book that contains much genuine material regarding the path of Kriya Yoga. I have appreciated a lot this book is for the formulation that for the content, in the event you had intention to read it I would be happy for knowing your opinions.
  4. Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality

    This is a great book, that woul go integrated with that one written from Chao Pi Ch'En (that it would have to be one of the masters of the author) The practical that is explained on the witnesses would have to be the same one, it are much similar one to that present on Erlan Xinhua. Less than this it is your only possibility, before you try alone, tries the instruction of a prepared master.
  5. Hi to all. I would want together with you, if it were possible, to find news on this image, it has me very impressed, it mainly represents the reconversion's pratice from Jing to Shen (at least so it seems), the interesting thing is that the practice is framed inside a temporal scheme a lunar cycle. Something similar is present, if I do not mistake, inside some theories of Li Dong of the School of the Earth. Soon:
  6. Hi, my dear friends!

    Thanks for your welcome!! I' m so happy for having found this place, where i live there aren' t real martial art master, or ashram, no public libraries or furnished bookstores... this is a few sad. At least the wild industrialization it is not extreme yet as in a lot of metropolises of the Earth. and the natural forces are still very strong, above all on the mountains of my region. You live pleased.
  7. Hi, my dear friends!

    Hi to all members of TheTaoBums forum My name is Bruno and I am Italian. I apologize me for the bad English. When I was fourteen years old I purchased the book "Hsin Ming Fa Chue Ming Chih" of Lu K'Uan Yu, then I read the "Wei sheng Sheng li Chue Ming Chih" and I began to practice. Subsequently i read a lot o book of Master Chia (they not liked me how much the first ones) and many other book. Now I' m old twenty-seven and the last book that I have read on this argoument is the "Zhouyi Cantong Qi". I am interested practically of all, above all of what it regards the Nature. I'm a person very onlooker. I hope ours is a fecund encounter. I make excuses myself of new for my English (fortunately Internet offers good translations on-line). Soon.