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  1. Is this Mo Pai Level 1 ?

    Dear friend, it's obvious that you are upset about the expose, I'd be too. These "incomplete" methods produced the desired results, correct (by your standards) or not. Be well and keep the "true" MoPai real!
  2. Is this Mo Pai Level 1 ?

    r.w.smith, amen mate! The cat is out of the bag, and I guess if I was a closed door MoPai student I'd be pissed as well.
  3. I would recommend buying the Wang Liping's manual first, before you decide to spend so much money in, of all things, Verdesi's course.
  4. New Interview With Kostas Danaos

    Good luck
  5. New Interview With Kostas Danaos

    Kali Yuga, participation in society is the highest moral value a citizen can display to better his life and the lives of those around him, according to ancient Greek thought. Those who only cared about themselves were called "idiotes", the english word "idiot" came from this Greek word. Kostas being Greek it only reiterates that his experience with the neigong systems, martial arts, politics and life, confirms the wisdom of old. You read the "Stop hitting the snooze button" blog post, yet you are keep on hitting it! Kosta has absolutely no need to delve into the MoPai politics. Practitioners like you and others are desperate to learn about MoPai and your frustration of not getting the answers you want, makes you write on this thread. In the interview Kosta clearly stated that he would not delve into MoPai politics or personal practice, not now not ever. Therefore, if you and others were to pick him "limb for limb", you wouldn't even have the chance to state your name to begin with. This kind of interview simply won't happen. EVER. Furthermore, he also states that he's not an expert in Karma and that his knowledge is very limited. Since you don't know Kosta as a martial artist and you are blissfully unaware of the martial tradition of the Mediterranean you clearly have no idea about what you are talking about, when you commend about Pammachon.
  6. New Interview With Kostas Danaos

    Kali Yuga, Kostas was an accomplished martial artist with a world wide reputation long before he met John Chang. He's been a writer even a longer time and he has produced such an exceptional work, that it is used as a reference from Oxford historians. No need for prestige or money then. His books about neikung invariably made him a kind of an "expert" in the field, because he is the only one that has exposed to the west a real and great tradition such as MoPai. He has walked the path and he knows what he is talking about. In his books he offers a wonderful approach to internal energy from a scientific western mind's perspective. It is refreshing to say the least and makes a lot more sense than the mistranslated nonsense that you find all over the place about chi. But, he himself does not claim any authority about the subject.
  7. New Interview With Kostas Danaos

    I believe you have all these facts wrong. In the book it says that JC told him that the noise he heard was his awareness that has been transfered to his DanTian. It also refers to the Tibetan master that told him that according to Tibetan tradition it was the DanTian spinning. So the interview is an accurate reference to the book. In his second book explains why he got the colour of chi as explained in the first book wrong. How do you know that the fact about JC's levitation ability is false, as is referenced in the book? About Sean Deanty, mjjbecker covered that.
  8. Pigeon Toed Standing Posture

    Below is Yip Man practising this stance. This is the general fighting stance as shown by Yip Man (on the right)
  9. Pigeon Toed Standing Posture

    This stance - and slight variations - is also encountered in Hung Gar, White Crane, Chow Gar and in some styles of Okinawan karate. It is a very common stance in Southern Kung Fu styles. It is NOT a fighting stance. The main purpose of this stance is to develop the body structure that is used by the Wing Chun practitioner. It is not used on its own, but in conjuction with the movements of the 1st form. Apart from Chu Shong Tin (who had a Tai Chi background), not many other lineages use this stance for internal development. Hawkins Cheung has said that Yip Man used to sit in this stance holding the Tan Sao hand out, for more than 45 minutes at a time.
  10. Grigori Rasputin

    He was one of the most influential people in Russian during the beginnings of the 20th century! Rasputin is a legend! To kill him they poisoned him with enough poison to kill 5 people - no effect, they shot him at least 4 times in close range - no effect, they stabbed him and they even cut off his penis - no effect, they wrapped him in a carpet and he was thrown in the icy Neva river - no effect either because he escaped his bonds, but he eventually drowned. He was a mystic and a healer as well as a great seducer (he was very famous for being well-endowed).
  11. Occult.bz

    http://www.theoccult.bz/signup.php The registration is open for a short time.
  12. Tenaga Dalamm Breathing Techniques?

    SirYuri, thank you very much for your explanation!
  13. Tenaga Dalamm Breathing Techniques?

    SirYuri, thank you very much for the information. I have a couple of questions... What exactly is "takan"? How do you hold and press your navel and perineum? and How do you use takan when you perform the jurus? Thanx!!
  14. Keith Barry's Brain Magic

    This was a very typical theatrical performance of a type of magic called mentalism. All the tricks he performed can be found in magic books for mentalists (as these performers are called in the magic circle), sold in every magic store on the internet. What Drew called "explanations", is called "patter" in magic. That is, the "script" that accompanies each magic effect to form a complete theatrical presentation. Those who live in UK may know the TV celebrity, Derren Brown. Another magician who went from sleight of hand, to sleight of ... mind