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  1. Cultivation Practice: Where to Start?

    Hi! Wow, thanks for the links, Trunk and Yen Hui! Quite a bit of material here....can't wait to get started! Thanks again
  2. Yin or Yang

    Hi again, wenwu I think you're right, if a person is inclined too much to yin, then yang is appropriate. Take a look at this passage from the writings of Chuang Tzu: The implication seems to be that yang is the "remedy" for too much yin! For whatever reason, though, I think societies tend to value "yang": activity, aggression, etc. Things certainly haven't changed much since the time of Lao Tzu! On the other hand, here's a thought: it's possible certain forms of spirituality overemphasize yin, to the exclusion of yang! This might manifest as a preoccupation with prayer or meditation, or as inaction (NOT wu wei). There's definitely such a thing as too much passivity, after all!
  3. Yin or Yang

    Hi, wenwu! You asked; Is Yang always less effective/desiralble than Yin? It's my understanding that the ideal of Taoist philosophy is balance and harmony! Choosing only one of a pair of complimentary "opposites", identifying only a part of the whole as "good"---this can only lead to discord and suffering. So I think one should be focused on integrating or balancing both yin and yang, not choosing one over the other! In fact, I'd imagine it's impossible to have only yin or only yang--the taijitu symbol shows that the two always go together, and the seed of one is always present in the other. Now having said that, the Tao Teh Ching does tend to highlight the role of Yin! This isn't because yin is "superior" to yang, but because there is a tendancy for people and society to cling to yang. As a result, the world is unbalanced. To counteract this, one must cultivate yin. That's why you have passsages extoling the feminine principle, highlighting qualities like receptiveness and calm!
  4. Cultivation Practice: Where to Start?

    Hi, thaddeus! You wrote: Taoism is about daily decrease..not being a ball buster..but you can't 'add' taoism. Just be natural. Maybe I should've said "Taoist physical practices" as opposed to "Taoism" As you pointed out, "In the pursuit of knowledge, something is added every day. In following the Way, something is dropped every day." I'm already pretty familiar with the Tao Teh Ching and the Zhuangzi, but I'll check out the Wong translation. I'm not a huge fan of Thomas Cleary's Tao Teh Ching, but some of his commentary on other texts has been helpful. Thanks for the Den Ming Dao suggestion!
  5. confusion w/the tao

    Hi! Wayfarer64, you wrote: mean inept in terms of expression. There is traditionaly no way to express the Tao and to try to do so is to miss the point of its essence. There is no apt way to express the Tao,-traditionaly Right you are! I think the Zhuangzi says at some point: "Tao is a word that indicates without defining." The Way is definitely something that has to be experienced to be "known". But if words can aid in directing us to the Way---I say use 'em.
  6. Hi! I've been into Taoism for some time now! As I said in my intro post in The Lobby forum, I've always been something of a "Tao Bum" at heart (even before I knew what "Taoism" was all about!). But while I've definitely integrated Taoist philosophy into my life, I've yet to take up any kind of Taoist cultivation practice---I don't do Tai Ch'i, or Qi Gong, or Inner Alchemy, or any sort of practice that could be termed "Taoist". (wow, I feel like a poser! ha! ) I do practice vipassana meditation on a regular basis, and while I've had a fair amount of success with this practice, I would definitely like to add some Taoism to my meditation/spiritual life. I guess my quesgtion to you is, where's a good place to start? Is there anything I should be aware of in finding a teacher, perusing ancient texts, etc?
  7. Hello!

    Hi! I'm Taeguk! I'm new here, but I've more or less been a Tao Bum my whole life That's about it, really! I look forward to posting here!