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  1. ...i'll be in china! i cant wait! anyone got any good suggestions of things to see on the south east coast?
  2. K?

    cheers for your reply, i'll try and answer your questions as best as i can. if you havent heard of ketamine then follow the link i posted at the start of the thread. my experiences with meditation, taiji and qigong are quite limited but i learned to control energy in my body some time ago through dancing to speedcore and gabber under the influence of various stimulants and hallucinogenics before i had heard of ketamine. i hadn't really understood or cared much about the importance of what i was able to do until i was given two books, one on taiji, the other on qigong. i started taking an interest in the practices and noticed similarities between the feelings of warmth and vibration that were flowing through my body when practicing with the feeling of being fucked on drugs, stomping away to distorted bass drums playing at 200+bpm through a large soundsystem. as the effects with taiji/qigong were harder to obtain and more subtle, i started to take the practice more seriously and also took a interest in taoist philosophy and tried to achieve states like i could get on drugs without the drugs and the comedowns after the drugs. when i first got into ketamine i noticed how it rooted me to the ground in way i had never felt before, kind of like being stuck with stretchy glue on the soles of my feet, and also how it made me notice how every movement i made linked up and flowed, kind of like being locked in a never ending form, this gave me the push i needed to really take taiji and qigong seriously and made it easier for me to bring energy into my body and circulate when not on drugs it as now i knew for sure what i was looking for. what have i learned? fuck loads, ive changed a lot since i was younger although i still like to get wasted now and then as i dj occasionally at squat parties. small doses of k were great for helping me realise what i wanted to do with my life but i still like to have fun with large doses too! its an extreme experience, some people have near death experieces, i had a death experiece once when i took a lot of k in a tent, i thought i had died and been buried, i was like oh well thats it my bodys gone but at least my minds still living on! another time i found myself floating in space, with no recollection of who i was or how i got there, eventually rematerialising atom-by-atom on the floor of a stinking warehouse. i think it has been good for me to shock myself like that as it has shown me my limits and when u can handle things like that theres not much you cant deal with in reality! what is confusing? why some people who are into cultivation and spiritualism arrogantly try to force their closed minded on view on others, i feel they are missing some important points and obviously still have a lot to learn! i wouldnt want to class my self as a hippie, or anything else, i'll leave that for other people to decide. ive got much more important things to think about than what catagory of person i fall into.
  3. K?

    i wasnt sure if anyone would have taken ketamine but thought it would be worth asking after reading threads on mushies and acid etc. is not what im after, the summary of physical effects i posted at the start of the topic are all extremely similar to what is supposed to happen when you go into meditative states and i thought that these similarities might be interesting to some people on here but obviously not
  4. K?

    i spent the majority of my childhood as a NED (an abbreviation, used in scotland for non educated deliquent) that ran around getting drunk and abusing drugs, fighting, breaking and vandalising things and generally being a cunt to people. my life has changed a lot and i have grown up and realised the error of my ways and have been making an effort to live more in tune with the natural way of things. if that makes me a hippy in your eyes then thats fair enough but thats got fuck all to do with what i said initially; ketamine has increased understanding of and my interest in practices such as qigong and tai chi and when i return from my holiday in china on the 18th also i plan to start wing chun classes. i appologise if you have a problem with that. i would like to know if anyone from this board has tried ketamine and how they compare what they felt on it to what they feel when meditating etc.. if you havent taken ketamine then thats something that you cant do so your input on this thread is unnecessary
  5. K?

    please stop preaching to me and go tell someone that gives a fuck, all i want to know if anyone has taken ketamine and what they thought about the experience.....
  6. K?

    again, im not after anyones opinion on how good or bad taking drugs can be, i want to know if anyone has taken ketamine and what they thought about their experience of it
  7. K?

    i know, all i said was ketamine has helped to give me a better understanding of and further my interest in these practices. please dont turn this into a drugs are bad thread, i am more than aware of the damage drugs can do and also of the immense benefits they can have for people too! all i want to know is if anyone here has used ketamine and what they think of it....
  8. K?

    there is a lot of discussion on this board about kunlun and if it really works or not and i really couldn't give a shit, but, I was wondering if anyone has tried another k that undoubtedly has profound physical and mental effects...ketamine. ketamine is hugely popular at squat parties here in london and its great fun to take it just to get wasted and stand in front of a massive stack of speakers blaring out various kinds of techno but its effects are also extremely usefully for giving an understanding of how to absorb energy from the earth and universe and make it flow around the body. i have found that when taking things like acid and mushrooms, although they get me overflowing with energy, my mind is far too active and its hard to root myself to the ground. with ketamine it instantly roots me and shuts off unnecessary brain activity and makes every movement feel like im locked into some sort of taiji form. these experiences have helped to further my interest in such practices. for anyone thats never taken it; Ketamine: Summary of Physical Effects 1. Shuts down thalmic processing and sensory input 2. Shuts down primary survival instincts and urges (fight or flight, mating & reproduction, etc.) 3. Shuts down emotional response centers 4. Increases blood flow to the brain 5. Induces nystigmus (jittery or rapid eye movement) and salivation 6. Decreases brainwave activity in the beta (waking) range: 12-18+ hz 7. Increases brainwave activity in the alpha, theta, and delta (deep relaxation and sleep) ranges: 1-12 hz 8. Induces NDE, OBE, and Lucid Dream-like states 9. Produces a fully unconscious state at high doses
  9. Natural Living

    sprouts are the business but i wouldnt want to have them as my main source of food! for more ethical groceries find a farmers market near you here - and go here for a list of everything that you can buy throughout the year -
  10. F*ck Masters

    watch without sound for a minute or so then start again with sound yHxDozsFdK0
  11. Does Taoism believe in a God?

    the concept of god and tao is exactly the same, all that is different is that at some point in history christianity gave this concept a human form and used it to control people through fear
  12. Dr. Yan Xin

    pubmed has loads of scientific research that will be of interest to you, its an archive of biomedical and life sciences journals
  13. interesting thread, could you link me to somewhere i can learn kunlun exercises?
  14. up until very recently i have not been involved in any serious practice and my understanding of the many different methods of meditation and the terminology used in describing them is extremely limited. since a young age i have spent a lot of time messing around with certain types of repetitive beats which, in a way, are kind of like tribal drumming but are electronic, fast and typically harsh and distorted. the thing that gets me about these beats is that although they seem extremely aggressive, they tend to produce a mix of peaceful, calming and relaxing energy and hard, and intensely powerful energy in very high levels in the people that enjoy listening and dancing to them and to me this seems very similar to what people talk about yin and yang energy. the people who are into this type of "music" are generally the type of people that would never take this seriously but from my messing around i have become able to choose the amount of each type of energy i receive and dramatically change states of consciousness using sequences of movements similar to tai chi and chi kung which previously i could only achieve using stimulants and/or psychedelics. i am now regularly practicing chi kung to try and further develop my ability to control the energy i found in myself from the "music" and was wondering what experienced practitioners have to say about using sounds to manipulate energy and also if anyone could recommend something for me to practice which is easy to pick up and would work well alongside the chi kung for anyone interested, here is an example of the "music" i listen to; thanks
  15. hello hello

    how goes it? my names murray, im 24 from scotland but currently living in london i stumbled across this forum while searching for info on the cnkgi material i recently downloaded and decided to join up for some banter. i first found out about, and took an interest in the way when i attempted to take up tai chi in 2001 and noticed similarities between the movements and feeling generated when practicing tai chi with the movements and feeling generated when i was dancing to hardcore techno/gabber/speedcore style music especially when under the influence of adrenergic, serotonergic or dopaminergic agonists. this made me want to learn more because, if you know anything about these styles of music, it seems to go against traditional ideas of meditation which at the time i found a bit boring since 2001 ive moved round the country and found myself in so many random situations that i never stayed focused on practicing tai chi for any great period of time but because the music is a major part of my life, the idea of wanting to learn more about the way has stayed with me. recently, since moving to london, ive managed to sort my life out and ive settled down a bit and become a bit more mature so im hopefully ready to get back into this.