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  1. Having a spouse and children helps you to 'get out of yourself', and be more selfless (if you choose to be). The challenge I found sometimes was remaining centred among all this service to others. I loved family life, feel the love (see recent love post!) David
  2. Everything Is Appropriate

    Matthew 10 29 Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside your Father's care. [c] 30 And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. 31 So don't be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows. David
  3. Living Tao In The World

    Thank you ToL. You're words had wisdom to them and a calming effect on me! Peace, David
  4. Living Tao In The World

    46. Desire and wanting cause discontent, whilst he who knows sufficiency more easily has what he requires. 48. When pursuing knowledge, something new is acquired each day. But when pursuing the way of the Tao, something is subtracted; less striving occurs, until there is no striving. When effort is uncontrived, nothing is left undone; the way of nature rules by allowing things to take their course, not by contriving to change. 76.The warrior who is inflexible condemns himself to death, and the tree is easily broken, which ever refuses to yield. Thus the hard and brittle will surely fall, and the soft and supple will overcome. 61.By giving way to the other, one country may conquer another; a small country may submit to a large, and conquer it, though having no arms. Those who conquer must be willing to yield; to yield may be to overcome. I would like your thoughts and experiences on how to best to live in the world without desire, without striving and yielding to others? Where have you been successful doing this and why? How did you do it? I struggled with this for many years. Being in business and school for example, and colleagues more then eager to 'take advantage' of the situation. David
  5. Just Be Happy

    I remember feeling the same way too as a child. So many crotchity old folks, worn down, sad, frustrated, angry. I remember thinking 'that will never be me'. Then, voila! One day it was, and I was their king! Now I too have found it, and yet I have to continue practicing every day. Non-judgemental. Compassionate. Content with 'what is'. Happy for 'no reason'. David
  6. What is the Most Important Thing?

    There is no path. Refrain the senses. Refrain the mind. Truth remains. David
  7. Introduction

    Hello everyone, Fellow truth seeker, lover, here! Wishing you all a peaceful, insightful day! David