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  1. Taoist Music

    Hi. I wasn't sure whether to post that song or not, because it doesn't seem specifically Taoist, but then I thought that to tap into the Tao is to tap into (among other things) the magnificent and the sublime, which, in my view, Di Stefano has clearly done. Glad you enjoyed it.
  2. Taoist Music

    Not sure if this qualifies as Taoist, but then again, why not, if magnificent and sublime are involved. A very short aria that begins at the 28 second mark: Di Stefano -
  3. Does Taoism believe in a God?

    Thanks, beancurdle. That is the distinction that I thought (actually hoped) might exist, but it seems that not all share your view on it. In a search for a path that either venerates nature itself, or venerates an imagined creator or author of nature, I find myself drawn to the former.
  4. Does Taoism believe in a God?

    Thanks, Dao Zhen. What I really want to know is if Daoists believe there is a distinction between the nature of the Tao and the nature of the Christian God. One seems to imply an Is-ness. That the Tao IS everywhere and in everything, but without the inherent idea that Christianity has of an all-knowing, all-powerful, sentient God in control of everything, and if you simply believe in it, then you are saved for eternity. I mean, they both seem to share the idea that the Tao is everywhere and in everything, just that Christianity would probably call that Spirit, or the Holy Spirit. What I'm trying to get at is that in Christianity, there is something greater that manifests the Spirit, whereas in Taoism the Spirit (the Tao) is it. There is no God or Supreme Being that manifests it pulling all the strings. It just is, and it is what interconnects everything. I'm wondering if I have the concepts right. See, the thing about the God concept, which I could never reconcile, is that if there is an all-powerful, all-knowing God, why would it allow such suffering to exist. It just seemed terribly incongruent, and so, I could never believe in that construct. Which is why I think I would like Taoism, because I already believed in the idea that there is a universal force which connects everything, and the more attuned you are with it, the better the harmony there will be, the more aware you'll be. You don't fight it, but rather flow with it. So, that aspect of spiritualism (if that's what it is), I am already fully on board with, and I like it the more if there is not the idea that there is an some all powerful entity consciously pulling all the universal strings. That's really the question I'd like to get answered; Is there a differentiation between the God concept as I have described, and the Tao concept. My sense is that there is. They both recognize the Tao/Spirit as being universal and in everything, but one is subordinate to a higher God, pulling all the universal strings, so to speak, whereas in the other, the Tao/Spirit simply IS, subject to no higher authority. Is there a (yes or no) distinction? Sorry if I'm seeming like a pain in the ass on this. I just need to know.
  5. Hey Bums, I was having a discussion with someone about Taoism, and I'm trying to figure out some basic info about same. Wonder if you would mind sharing your opinions on this:
  6. Taoism in Tucson?

    Thanks for the heads up, Lozen. Regards
  7. Taoism in Tucson?

    Thanks, Ken. That one looks promising. Think I'll check it out.
  8. Taoism in Tucson?

    Thanks, Bill. I'm told Michael no longer lives in Tucson. Mainly, I'm looking to start doing meditation. I guess it need not necessarily be of the Taoism variety. Any suggestions for good meditation groups in Tucson (Taoist or otherwise)?
  9. Taoism in Tucson?

    Hi. I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a place where I can learn about Taoism and meditation in Tucson. Any pointers greatly appreciated. Thanks
  10. Hi everybody

    Hey all, New to the site. Have recently (re)taken up an IMA, and I think as I unblock a lot of stuff, I'll be stirring up some things that will be unsettling. I'd like to get into some form of meditation, and have been searching for something that seems like it will be a fit. I'm wondering if anyone can recommend someplace where I can study Taoism in Tucson, AZ, or if Kunlun is taught here in Tucson. Very interesting site, and I'm glad I found it. Can't wait to read more. Regards