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  1. I changed my diet two days ago. I started eating lots of green beans and green peas mixed with some meat because they contain a lot of protein. I did this experiment because i wanted to reduce my sugar intake (chocolate, muffins, honey etc). It worked well: for one whole day, i no longer had a craving for sweet foods. However, I noticed that i got very horny. Normally, i can control myself easily. When i searched the web, i found out that beans belong to the food group of legumes. I also found out that legumes boost testosterone. Moreover, i found out, that soy beans have a contrary effect: I worry much about hair loss. I think eating too much fat and sugar and ejaculating too often might contribute to hairloss in genetically predisposed men. This is why i try to ejaculate as little as possible. So, what should i do: eat less beans and eat more sugar? Should i eat everything in moderation? But then i get those cravings for fat and sugar again.
  2. hair regrowth

    I claim that a guy, who inherited bad genes, which lead to hair loss, can stop his hairloss when he ejaculates less often. I give an example: There are people who can eat whatever they want and who do not get fat. If others, who inherited bad genes, want to stay slim, they have to abstain from eating sugar and fat etc. and do more sports.
  3. hair regrowth

    I had the same idea. However, my approach is different because i believe that excessive ejaculation intensifies hair loss.
  4. Controlling Sexual Desire

    I suggest that you should sit in a lotus position regularily every day for at least one hour. This exercise alone will decrease your sexual desire considerably.
  5. dr.lin wrote: Which herbs, forms of diet, exercises can be helpful? Is it useful to decrease stress in daily life, drugs, coffee, milk, sugar etc. and to increase the sleep duration? Hagar wrote: Would you please describe it more precisely? How can the spine be opened? Google: dht +ejaculate Does frequent ejaculation make one bald? Can hair loss be decreased when a man moderates his ejaculation frequency?
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