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  1. Grazie mille Gigi!!
  2. Qi gong queries

    I am a newby with regards to Qi gong - I am currently studying Chunyi Lin's Spring Forest system, unfortunately only from the cd's and dvd's. I have a number of questions regarding this system and QG in general 1) The SF system uses reverse breathing, in all my former martial arts studies i was taught to breathe from the diaphragm, expanding the stomach while inhaling. Utilizing the method taught by Lin I get a feeling of shortness of breath sometimes, would it be a problem to sostituire the breathing method? 2) Is there a problem with practicing different styles of QG - I would also like to study the Zhan Zhuang system as taught by Lam Kam Chuen - would this create a conflict in any way with the SF method? I realize that these questions might have been answered elsewhere and if so I apologize, but unfortunately my lunch hour is waning.................... thanks
  3. Ciao from Italy

    Hello everyone, Just a note to introduce myself briefly, my name is joe and I currently live in Milano, Italy. I have been lurking for awhile on this site but I finally decided to join. I have studied a number of martial arts throughout the years ranging from karate to wing chun kung fu. I was really beginning to get interested in wing chun but had to give it up due to a nagging shoulder injury, I kept throwing it out during chi sao. I have been off the path for a number of years now but a strange neurological disorder has brought me back. I have these weird symptoms of numbness and tingling throughout my body and I was terrified about MS and ALS, I have been to all kinds of specialists and doctors and none have been any help, I have gotten the usual "all in your head" brush-off from most of them. I have come to the conclusion that the only one who is going to cure me of this problem is ME. After floundering with various techniques I remembered the Qi gong exercises we used to do for warm-ups and warm-downs and realized that those had always been my favorite part of the class - therefore I have decided to start practicing qi gong. My old sifu taught qi gong as well but only as expensive seminars, not having the funds i have turned to chunyi lin's spring forest for the moment and I have already been able to feel a difference attitude wise, a lessening sense of foreboding doom................anyway will keep you posted on my progress.