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  1. E.J. Gold

    Well Im a slow reader and would be delighted to read more of your slow typing if you feel up to it. I used his book of the dead when my Grandfather passed, many years ago. It was an interesting experience, he was a strict Irish catholic and so a lot of that imagery came up and intergrated into the journey. E.J.Gold also wrote a few books by 'Mr.G' which many folks assumed were the lost writings of Gurdjieff, he did nothing to dissuade them. haha
  2. Shaktipat

    HAHA you've been here all of three days and you're already on your high horse insisting on how things 'should' be. A sincere question? ... if you say so. Personally, I would recomend that you dont take KAP, as during my time studying with Santiago he has indeed used the words, dick, happy sack, vagina, yoni, packet, balls, love, sex, asshole, God, intercourse, butt, perinium, death, ovaries and probably some others which I have blocked out. OK? that the answer you wanted?
  3. anyone a member of can be a long slow haul unless you have a super connection. The majority of things are very well seeded and download time is next to nothing. The problem is seeding back, ratio is very strictly enforced and slipping often results in an outright banning. Best thing to do is have a few things you can share first to build up some good ratio and then start downloading, otherwise you can quickly find yourself in a hole that's difficult to get out of. And as always, if you like the product please consider buying the original or at least finding someway to support the author.
  4. Not sure if you got my PM as window came up saying 'undefined'

  5. KAP

  6. KAP

  7. KAP

  8. KAP

  9. Goldisheavy, I think you're about 2 years too late.

    You need the old version of skype to use the link, but you can always log onto skype and do a quick search for Santiago (silatyogi) or Susan and ask them to add you to the chat via IM
  11. Kap stuff tonight on Skype + Shaktipat

    Yup me too Mal woke up at 4:45 am and again at 7am, buzzing.
  12. The Chicken or the Egg?

    There were eggs before chickens. (barring the possibility that chickens were created fully developed on the 5/6 day)