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  1. confusion w/the tao

    thanks, these are all helpfull. I suppose the chapter that gave me the most confusion, was 48. I guess I can still play football without "private ends to serve". So to renounce all, doesn't mean to renounce all? I guess the idea is to only do what's necessary, and since football is an inner desire though strong, should it be abandoned, or approached with a philosophy of non-attachment? From the five quotes of the masters of Haui Nan: it is five that I'm currently relating to, perhaps I should enjoy what I have now, it only seems natural to plan or anticipate some of the challenges for what is to come ahead. At least day dream a bit. Or is this distracting me from now, or inner quiet. This is often my confusion with zen and my personal desires, but I will continue to read the posts in response and mull those ideas over.
  2. confusion w/the tao

    I guess my question is if you can play football because the tao states: Block all the passages, Shut all the doors, and to the end of your days you will not be worn out..., or chapter 47, or another verse that states not to compete with anyone and no one will compete with you, or the idea of abandoning your desires in favor of the desires of others. To be desireless essentially. So if that's the case, is the ideal practice of tao to do nothing, no hobbies, arts, music, nothing, to have no interests? It seems that some practitioners of the tao still play music or perform a martial art, and it even mentions that great talents ripen late, but is this a result of taking the interests of others rather than yourself? thanks.
  3. hello

    Hi all, I'm simply saying hello.