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  1. Kunlun Lineage

    no comment Thank u so much fore the link
  2. Just a tiny thought about this subject... I find value in every way of learning ore remembering, as I like to call it also If ure path is family: children, partner etc ore ure path is the loner. U will get wath u want ore need. We have more power and meaning in the happening than we are aware of... I have experienced both, the loner, life without family and friends and now: a child, a partner and regaining/making family and friends... I just cant say some of it is more worthless to gain wath may be gained... there is meaning and value in everything. We can learn also frome others way of life by listening with respect and admiration. Was not so tiny thoughts huh...? hi hi... sorry..
  3. Hello everyone, just me:o))

    Sounds good I am all arms open for the oppurtunitys life brings!!!!
  4. Kunlun Lineage

    Hi Chris Did u really like rommegrot??? if u dont know wath I am asking about, I will give some hint: The Vikingplace, the lovely old dog, and rommegrot on a terrace hihi Say Hi to the other boys, wich u all well!!!
  5. Hello everyone, just me:o))

    I just want to say hello and introduce my self Living in Norway, in a small town south. I had the oppurtunity to meet Max, Chris, Damiano and to know a small tiny bit of Kunlun I believe that a life is just a itsybitsy teeny weeny thing when u look at the whole thing pardon my bad english I am a teatcher (primary and a bit older pupils)) and have a soft heart for all living beeings... Have a wide specter of hobbies, interests, and open minded, but not easy to convince allways I like to combine rationality with feelings and maby u can find me at the diplomatic corner where big hearts are. Again.. pardon my really bad english