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  1. Hello Everyone, Kan is coming from Japan to have a weekend Kunlun Nei Gung seminar in Israel. We are very happy and honored to have him teach here There are people who are coming outside of Israel, so if you have friends who are also interested, You can find more details on registration here: If you are interested and need any help let me know: [email protected] With many blessings, Erez.
  2. Hubble Telescope Photos

    I saw the same animals exactly the same when this post was presented, don't know what it means, but it's nice that it's easy to see the same things. maybe we are just atoms in "bigger"/"higher" beings?
  3. Kunlun and Demons

    You follow the white rabbit, how deep are you willing to go through the rabbit hole? tea party - logic start to lose it's realm(crazy wisdom) you are confused and ask a crazy cat the way(guru) he leads you many roads but none are yours.. you meet the red heart queen and say "SHE'S BAD!!!" and start to shake from fear. not only that, she says "OFF WITH HIS HEAD!" now, you either leave the practice or say "OK" and smile. Red heart queen cuts your head, teaches you to surrender your heart, now you are in wonderland, surrender.. I can do the same with Goldilocks, and the three bears will be the three dan tians, but I think you get the Idea(or not - wich is ok) Do or do not, red pill or blue pill?
  4. What are you listening to?

    Too Beautiful...
  5. Kunlun and Demons

    Whatever practice you do, seek for balance between heaven and earth. Have a good ground and be open to the sky, grounding is always important, for some it can sound boring and will seek only bliss and try to escape, it's not about that, go through your stuff, be they appear as demons, angels, always have a good grounding because the better the ground, the better you will be able to deal with your stuff and also to absorb more. That's just my simple experience, and i'm telling you as one who at first didn't pay attention too much to grounding, you'll get stuck in your practice or just feel high or get attached to things. Be your own grounding, don't find it outside. fiveelementtao and scotty gave very good examples, thank you.
  6. Very good point. I read that many interpret the visions of Ezekial as a UFO encounter, maybe it is true, and if you read it in english it seems very true. But if you understand the words in their original form you'll see kabbalistic symbols, like the "wheel within wheel", that talks about different dimensions on the tree of life. My thoughts are that there's unknown life here on earth, be it in the physical and non physical, and also life outside of earth. Everything is alive, both within and without.
  7. Kunlun in the movie Avatar

    It means we are all one. You mean Neytiri? No worries brother.
  8. Kunlun in the movie Avatar

    Yes, amazing. It definitely reminded me of home. it was like meeting my past life from my current one, like a mirror.. I think it brings back memories/feelings to many people that not even aware about their past, that's what so amazing.
  9. Kunlun in the movie Avatar

    Thanks for the answers. Do you know the name of the cat like race? I have a feeling they are related to the beautiful Sekhmet. A year ago I started to have visions of tall blue skinned beings, I guess it's what they call a star family.. The reason I ask is because that movie triggered many familiar things in me, it really speak to the unconscious mind. The shamanistic scenes are amazing... Truley amazing movie.
  10. Kunlun in the movie Avatar

    Hey! What race whould you compare the Na'vi? When are the DVD's coming out? Happy new year!
  11. Primordial Qigong

    Great, Thanks. I'll check his method.
  12. Primordial Qigong

    Are you practicing Michael Winn's version, or you have a version of your own combining from your other practices? I ask because I saw that you are teaching it. Thanks for the recomendation.
  13. I don't know about life anymore

    That's a great idea. If this is too much big change for you, then do a small step. if you have 5 minutes, dedicate it to a spiritual practice you find good for you. you already have experience to dedicate alot of time for things necessary for your body. now do the same, for your soul. many people go like this beyond 60, you are 23, that's really great. determine what is it that you want to do - and go for it, even for 5 minutes. then even if you your fear will come (everytime when we want to change), you will still be there to make the choice for you . that is my friend, already a big step inward. I wish you the best of success my friend! Peace.