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  1. My impression of the Kunlun Seminar tonight

    I should say as a disclaimer that I'm certainly not trying to deliver the final word on this practice. I'm going to keep doing Kunlun because at the very least its still a good Chi Kung practice. I haven't acheived any major results from it, but I'm going to again try doing the semen retention. I ended up not going to the course because I don't want to fall into a pattern of putting hopes for spiritual attainment in other peoples hands. A part of me would like for that to be possible; but I think its a weaker part that I shouldn't give into. Max was unwilling to put any energy into any people who were not already his groupies. The people he would touch had what looked like powerful orgasms, and I think that's because they have placed great love in him and have a deep need to be controlled. Today, when my girlfriend touched my back it felt like electricity went through me, and I let my body jerk around a lot without me feeling like I was faking it too much. If I hear from other people that they recieved the transmission from Max, that it jumpstarted their practice, and now they're having more powerful meditations than ever before; I will definitely seek him out someday. But it did not really seem like they could stand on their own. He didn't appear evil to me, but like a powerful person that likes having control over those who will give it to him. And if you want to be controlled by someone then its worth the money. Right now it just looked as if the people their were too hopeful and dependant on Max. There is no savior, and he is not coming. All we have is our existence.
  2. Yes, so I finally got to see with my own eyes what Max Christenson and his followers are like. First I would have to say that the most impressive part was when he transmitted energy to his students. They were blown backwards or went into fits and were dazed for awhile afterward. Max acted like he was playing around, but there was something a little unsettling about the way he engaged the people afterwards. He was being very playful about the whole thing and would gently slap or prod one of the guys on the floor lying dazed; He kept saying that "we play a lot of games in our group," as if their body being overwhelmed by his energy was no big deal. I was impressed by Max's presence. He does make you feel drawn to him and he is VERY charismatic. I came to the lecture for a number of reasons and left feeling very glad that I came, because I felt like I was seeing a cult form before my eyes. I don't expect him to go Charles Manson and start having familes offed, but I think he'll make some good money and get a lot of women. Max IS a FORCE. A number of Max's followers spoke about their experience with the practice. They definitely seemed to look to Max for guidance and approval; seeming much too passive; the kind of people that get taken in. When he was transmitting energy to someone, another student sitting next to me who had been on stage early started to convulse. I felt like he could be competing for the attention, love and approval of Max, who stayed focused on his favorite for a long time after. He replied to his most trepid student who asked if he was going to make her come up front something like; "Yes of course I will not ask you to come up here." Definitely an NLP hypnotic statement designed to confuse and entrance the mind a little. There was one man who spoke that did have very good presence and gave a convincing dialogue saying that "If you are just curious now, the transmission will take you beyond the comfort of curiosity". However, the tone of the dialogue sounded too much like marketing. Max gave anecdotes about how accomplished practioners of other schools or macho bushido japanese men were overwhelmed by his energies. He kept emphasizing informality by saying many times; "you see we're like family". Kind of lulling everyone into trust and acceptance. At the end of the night there just didn't seem much room for doubt. d Perhaps Max has reached an advanced energetic state, but I think his underlying complex could be a cross between Jesus complex and control freak. I did find the description of transmission of energy interesting. Max didn't describe how he did it but rather asked his followers to explain their experience. One student said he was told to resist the flow of energy being given to him, but then his resistance broke down and the energy flowed up his spine. Each time Max, transmitted energy to someone in front he would would say right before: "its okay to resist.." To me it seemed like he was prepping them with the message "Resistance is futile against my powers!" I would really like to go to the seminar tomorrow.. Even if it is just hypnosis, suggestion, and expectation to get a surge of energy through those means would be interesting and fun, but I would feel like to much of a sucker to shell out $300 for this.
  3. The Truth about 6 pack

    Sorry, I still don't understand what kind of exercises are being promoted. I do a lot of situps and am always open to new exercises.. but I don't see examples of anything to try out.
  4. The reality of Max Christensen

    2 Questions: 1) During the 3 months of celibacy required in Kunlun; is all sexual stimulation of any kind meant to be avoided? Sorry but I need to be clear on this before I start, my girlfriend is not making this easy. 2) What is Red Phoenix practice? Thank you!
  5. The reality of Max Christensen

    Thanks for the replies! Okay; I'll try and just kep an open mind. I've gotten used to doing something when I sit for meditation. If I'm allowed to delve into the feelings coming up in my body then it sounds like that will give my mind something to do without closing it off to anything spontanous. This will be nice.. I have not done it much, but I heard another person rave about this as a "water method" meditation by itself. At the least it sounds much more grounding then just awakening fire. The book recommends an hour of this practice. Do you think its okay to split it into 2 half hour sessions or is one sit preferred?
  6. The reality of Max Christensen

    Sorry another question Mantra: I've just started doing the first stage of Kunlun practice. My question is what I should be doing with my mind during the meditation. The only instruction on this that I saw in the book was to "Have a child-like mind about the practice". I think that I've been doing that, but during the hour I'm still tempted to focus my mind on a single point or focus my awareness on energy running up my spine into my head or back down into my base. Anyway, since I don't believe this was dealt with in the book I imagine its not very important at this point.. I just want to make sure I'm not counteracting the practice if I start focusing my mind in certain patterns during the exercise. Thanks!
  7. The reality of Max Christensen

    Okay! My name is Tom Flanagan if I see you there.
  8. The reality of Max Christensen

    If I go to one of Max's seminars Mantra.. will I be able to see him move people around with his mind or get to see people flying into fences? That part of the introduction seemed very far-fetched but it would be amazing to verify. Thanks
  9. help with fire and maybe water methods

    Thanks; thats really helpful. What would be an example of a fire method besides kunlun or tantric sex?
  10. Hello.. I'm new to this forum. I've done a variety of energy work but am not too familiar with fire and water methods. I assume fire brings the energy up mostly and involves less grounding. I've been made aware of the risks of the fire methods but think they suit my often un-energetic disposition. I've already ordered "Pillars of Bliss" but would be grateful for some more background or my detailed info about fire and or water methods. Thanks!
  11. Down to earth dreamer

    Hello all! I found a link to your website on Astral Dynamics. I'm here to learn more about energy work; I'd like to become a better meditator and conscious dreamer. I'm from San Francisco and just started a towing business here and I also like to paint a lot. I'm going to post about this; but I'd like to learn more about "fire methods". I understand the cautions behind these but think they suit my calm disposition. I'm looking forward to chatting!