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  1. Taoist Levitation

    maybe, having a good grasp on his sense of humor, they meant flatulence? =) we may never know... (oops 'scuse me - i think i'm a bit gassey just now - i must be riding on the wind)
  2. Aloha

    Mahalo I appeal to Taoist thought... Aloha
  3. well that's pretty consistent... that would make it easier for you to support statements similar to 'i maintain there is no such thing as...' it helps one not to fall into, or out of a state that does not exist! phew! existing one moment, and the next not? i wonder if its raining is this -- idea?
  4. jealousy

    how does one trace back from selfishness to fear?
  5. jealousy

    how about fear? "Fear is the greatest illusion." ~ Lao Tzu
  6. jealousy

    what is the root of jealousy i feel i may know but i would like to compare my perception
  7. I'm expecting the boot

    ...reminds me of when i used to focus on the spot between my shoulderblades and let an endorphin-bath feeling flow over me... always made me smile... ...and to be able to just think of it, then let it occur was lovely...
  8. The Spirit of One called Lao Tzu, and the Spirit of One referred to as Chuang Tzu speak more clearly to me than most other philosophies or views... i don't generally present myself to others in an introductory-style way... besides, if we are One, as some might see, no introduction may be necessary... wow, i'm being introduced to myself -- by myself (among others) fun fun