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  1. Kunlun 1 posture for standing?

    Chris I want to master this...have you done it, how does it feel? Can you help expain any emotions? Thank you
  2. Aloha From Hawaii

    Aloha Xk, Wow sounds like an awsome sifu to have spent time with... I will definatly keep my ears open! On my journey Ive learned that you can absorb from teachers and great people like that; whatching and learning from your third eye. You sense there powers continually thru frequencys you share with him. Then in essence you've bypassed time and space (learning from the magnetic currents and codes in the void) to eventually become the master. It's like Morpheus and Neo training in the Matrix. The mind will set off all these trigers to adapt your own intense chi with all the dramatic subtleys of what you witness and learn. It may not be the exact physical expericance wth all the goodies and perks to touch and taste, but internally your drawing from the same well. Apperantly Richard developed his system with Chinese and Hawaiian influnces. Its fun and important to adapt your own style from great inspirations you've had in your life. Never forgeting to listen and learn what they teach us. Mark
  3. Aloha From Hawaii

    Thank you Cameron and everybody for such a warm welcome.Im glad to see such a lively group of taoist. Ya its alot of fun practicing kunlun, The more you diminish the ego, in comes the devine, flooding you at times sparaticly at first but more and more as bliss takes a seat where the ego used to be! The body tingles from head to toe like your wrapped in a warm electric blanket just smiling away Aloha Mark
  4. Aloha From Hawaii

    Aloha everybody, My name is Mark I was introduced to the Kunlun and Red Pheonix practice by Max Christensen/Lama Dorje about 2 yrs ago. I have been extremley enjoying my experiance with many thanks to Max showing me the simplicity of illuminating yourself and others. Im along to learn and share with the collective consciousness.