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  1. North Cascade Mountain In Holding/ How to manage?

    Hi All, Not sure how this works. If I can reply to my own post? But hope so. I want to thank everyone who has replied, and say that I wish this network allowed larger attachments or photos, since I have a lot of great pics of the land, and a few of myself, but if you write me with your off site email, I can send you an invite to a photo sharing site, where I have about 200 pics, of mostly the land, some repeats, but still enough to give you an idea of what it looks like. Thanks again for replying. I always thought it would make a great Abby. During the dark ages the Irish Abby's served as a retreat from the world, and it seems like we are entering another dark age, so the camp fire and guitar, and people of like mind sounds good. Perhaps by next Summer we could have something pulled together. I hope after this Summer" My Walden Summer" of being alone on the land with just my sweet dog Marblefor company , to head down to Argentina for six months, but be back up for next Summer if I am so blessed. Irish Heron
  2. Hello My name Is John, I live in Washington State and will be spending most of my Summer in the North Cascade Mountains, Camping on a old homestead I own. It is an in holding in the National Forest. It must be hiked into. It is on a wonderful river, and has a beaver pond with ducks and Blue Heron. I will be out from time to time to pay bills and check email. I may be heading to Argentina, as the rains begin in November. If there are any nature lovers who reside near here and would perhaps enjoy spending some time on the land this Summer, helping out with a host of projects, and enjoying wilderness, away from it all. They should get in touch with me. Woodrow Wilson signed an Executive Order in 1920 to take the land out of the National Forest. It sits alone an Island of private property with National Park above and designated Wilderness near. I find it a very spiritual and magical place and hope to restore an old barn there this year, and other projects. I want to put it in trust to be used for environmental education but since it is such a spiritual place I would also like to see it used with small groups for spiritual renewal. I think the two are compatible So I am not sure what form the trust will take. I am always open to brain storming with others especially if you are a lawyer and can help with setting up of the trust. Or at least getting the land into a basic trust to start. I am not opposed to a national organization taking over it's stewardship, such a Audubon etc, but have not had much luck in getting any response from the Washington State or the local chapter of that organization and the local University that has a college of the environment turned out to be a convoluted mess in dealing with. So I'm putting it out there in the hope that others who value the Spiritual qualities of such a special piece of private land, might have some ideas. I practice mindfulness when I am in the world and am an avid reader of the books written by Thich Nhat Hanh on the practice of mindfulness and being in the moment. When I am down on the river. I find that it comes quite naturally. I am aware of every bird song and feel the wind and sun on my face. I can smell the scents of the river bottom and it is why I feel it is such a spiritual place that has much to offer both in environmental education and spiritual subsidence . I've read some of the Tao teachings my favorite book being the Tao of Poo. I think mindfulness and Taoism interlock nicely. I hope to get some input but will not be on line much soon, but will be checking both voice mail and email when I am out of the river bottom. Be Well, John O'Hern Bellingham WA [email protected] 360 303 4761