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  1. Dr Sha?

    Hey Guys, I HAVE met Master Sha (Vortex) & I HAVE had a lot the same kind of thoughts as (Jan1107). I've been with Master Sha for two workshops. One 3-day workshop in Boulder, CO & a two week retreat in Montreal. While in Montreal, my mind went crazy. Thinking thoughts like, "what a scam" - "this is bullshit". But, I have learned that often my mind and logic are basically out to lunch. So, I continued forward. Now, actually, as I gain more and more personal experience of going against my mind - I currently KNOW I have to go against it to move forward in my own personal spiritual journey. So, I bought the Karma Cleansing, I bought the downloads (ect), I spent of ton of money...... AND....... Thank God I did! Wow! Holy Shitaroonies! I got experiences beyond what I could have imagined. Now, weeks and weeks later - I am still experiencing the blessings. And yes - I could actually feel the Karma Cleansing - as a visceral experience. It was like weight being lifted off - fog being cleared. It was really super-cool. I, personally, did not experience Dr Sha or his students using "fear tactics" to get anyone to buy anything. Additionally, it was very clear that there were a ton of free gifts, blessings and downloads for those that didn't want to spend extra money. The only time they gave a 3rd eye past or future "reading" was when someone specifically asked for it, or AFTER someone had had their Karma Cleared. Then the students did a general reading on some of the things (lifetimes) that they had seen cleared away from a group of people. Yes! In my opinion, this Man knows what he is talking about! If anyone of you has the chance to go to a workshop, Do it! Take a gamble - all life is an experiment anyway right? You will be blessed. I have also read most of his books, my favorites are "Living Divine Relationships", "Soul Wisdom" and "Body, Soul Medicine". I highly recommend them. That is my 2cents, for what it's worth