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  1. lunar and solar astral bodies.....

    it is a pleasure to be here and I hope that everyone finds some awareness and peace in the Dao.
  2. Eight Pieces of Silk Brocade

    Hi guys, I didn't mean to slam the video, but I am a professional videographer, so, I apologize. Craig, what do you mean by Spamming? clarify please? because I posted a link to a 8 brocades dvd, hmmmmm, no. Boothy, welcome Craig "very judgemental and over critical" I will now take another 3 year ciesta from posting.
  3. Eight Pieces of Silk Brocade

    Thanks for the video, I will check it out, this is the on by Suzanne Friedman, https://www.createspace.com/263530 Wow, I just reviewed your video, If I were you I would remove it, you could do so much better than that. Please remove it and do something better.
  4. Presentation of DAODE center and Taoist alchemy School

    I have to be a little sarcastic about this posting. The terms "shortest path" hmmm, I did not know there was any rush. Can I actually PERFECT the Dao, I want a can of that and I want it now! And the comment that "It is for the first time in history that a genuine Taoist school was established in the west." is that so I ask? And can I really meet the master? Well, thanks for letting me rant a little. Daism seems to be all the rage these days, I think I will start a Daoist retreat for pets, hey Spot, can you name the Dao? "Ruff Ruff" , now thats a good daoist doggy!!! hahahahahahhaha thats gonna keep me laughing all day. don't get too serious I say.
  5. New to Taoism

    To each his own. But to think that semen retention is the key is to miss the point that it is simply jing essense, unless it has been transformed to an alchemical elixir, it is nothing to worry about. Wow, let me take that back a little. One needs to simply submit to some basic study void of egos and see the difference between the jing, qi, and shen. The energy cultivated during first person or dual cultivation need not be "wasted" simply by using , intention, will, to connect to its energy and using breath and intention, root it into the lower dan tien at climax/orgasm. The physical sperm that is exchanged during dual practice can be absorbed by the practice partner or consumed by practitioner. Lighten up my friends, this is about health and happiness.
  6. Hey everyone

    Hey Jayem, I will keep it short and sweet. Do Qigong. If you spend all your time focused on "Empowering" your upper dantien/psychic/spiritual center, you wil end up with severe qi deviations which are hard to correct. Do not be in a rush, you have the rest of your life. If you do not work on your core issues first they will grow and consume you if you just want the silver bullet. PS: There is no silver bullet. So, get your hands on some good grounded qigong training, then fly to the wuji and dance with the immortals. DQC
  7. New Arrival

    hi oleg, the dao has many facets, "duhh" I say to myself, but really, books/discussion/cd/dvd/meetings/etc..., this link provides some good training videos and guided audio meditations that are used within my realm of training. may your path be what it will. DQC http://www.hqone2one.com/hqone2one/CD_and_DVD_order_page.html
  8. Hello! New here.

    Creation, Who are you talking to? Sorry, I do not understand, what is OTOH? what school are you asking about? Are you sure you are responding to the correct post? DQC To All, I see your reference now, I apologize, I needed to review the original post. DQC
  9. Hello! New here.

    This is just this boys perspective. One thing at a time. You mentioned the I-ching, Yijing. For me it would not matter if it were any other system, cards, beans, coins, computer based, coffe grinds, tea leaves, etc... Here goes, You think of your question in meditation, you manifest it in writing, while connected as an awareness/observer of the infinate void/wuji/dao, cast with whatever system you want, stalks, coins, dice. Read the answer, refer to the hexagram and note any changing lines. Read what ever volume of i-ching/yijing you have. Meditate on the answer, do not question or reject it, in your own words write down the answer next to the question, ensure the date and location are listed. maintain this journal and ask only real pertinent questions several times a week. As you refer back to it, you will find it will reveal more than first thought. How you ask your self, it is just dumb luck, well, let us take a look at the energetics and spiritual component. here you are in space and time, connecting with it and open to the knowledge of the void, with intention (YI) backed up by your will (ZHI) supported by your spirit (SHEN) with balanced aggressive desired focus (PO), with a benevolent wiseness (HUN) you cast the di, for a milisecond all of the components are connected to deliver a very specific reply. Through patience and awareness these simple tools become great aids in life. Feel your way and just be content with your path. Disclaimer: for all the bums that have a different approach or who use it to keep your rice bowls full, sorry, do not shoot the messenger, this is just one boys approach. DQC
  10. watching the universe unfold. moving through it. being aware of it.

  11. My brief introduction to the bums. A little about me.

    Hi, Call me Cal. Been here for 50 years. Half of that spent in US Army Special Forces. Learned the basics of the Dao form Chin Dai Wei (David Chin), he set me on the path. My Qigong Sister is Dr Suzanne Friedman. For the last ten years I have taught at a few Colleges around California and worldwide. My focus has been on Medicinal Qigong with a grounded spiritual approach from a Daoist perspective but addressing Buddhist and Vedic roots. With Dr. Friedmans assistance and support, we have developed some very good audio and video training aids, as a way of giving back top the Dao. There are many people that have contributed to my understanding, life has a way of doing that, so I honor them all by saying a simple thank you to the Dao for providing them along the way. If I can be of a benefit to some in this forum/collective/group, so be it.