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  1. Daoist Sexual Techniques

    Does anybody know who teaches or where one can unnewagily learn Daoist sexual techniques? When I was fifteen I read "The Tao of Love and Sex" by Jolan Chang and the "Dao De Jing", and I was very much impressed. Is there anybody out there who has had any relevant and real experience related to this? I would appreciate if someone would point me in the right direction, since up to this day I have only encountered fakes and businessmen.
  2. In China, Qigong practitioner.

    Hello, my chinified Roman name is Feinandong. I am in China at the time and have been practicing qigong for about two or three months uninterrupted. I do Ba Duan Jing twice a day, repeating each exercise 12 times. I am new at this, and more than theory, I am interested in practice and palpability.