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  1. My first full lotus experiences

    I prefer rancho relaxo....
  2. MT

    Is this enlightened? If Anton goes to hell then Im following.
  3. I think immortality is about cultivation of free will, you have more options as an immortal. A long life with robust health is my style of immortality. IMO celestial immortals achieve the body of great transference while still alive, very few masters achive this; even with-in the Dzogchen tradition. Padmasambhava and Tapihrista(Bon) achieved this and some Tao immortals.
  4. MT

    Ah.... I love miserable bastards.
  5. MT

    Mark Lanegan is the man!
  6. I believe its a transmission, originally from master to student, its not just yogic methods. Lineage is (was) important in taoism as well.
  7. I believe standing post was a later addition to the Chinese Martial Art curriculum, traditional Hsing I, Tai chi and Ba Gau did not include standing post. I never got much from standing post, I prefer the classical tai chi square form
  8. Is Capoeira the Supreme Martial Art?

    Capoeria players used to fight with razor blades between their toes ..?? read that some where... Facing a guy holding a knife is a fast way of getting realistic about martial arts.Really don't give a dam about cage fighting, never go to ground on the street never, never ever.
  9. Dabbling in bagua zhang

    I studied with Xe Shoude in Sydney, he teaches a style of Ba Gua not connected to Dong Haichuan. This is the current lineage holder, very powerful.My link This is also worth a look, Ma Gui got the real juice from Dong Haichuan. My link
  10. R.I.P Erle Montaigue

    Well, we all got to go sometime. Martial artists have a disappointing record when it comes to longevity. I studied with one of Erles students briefly in Sydney, there was no real depth of understanding of Nei jia. I never trained with Erle. RIP.