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  1. Hello

    Congratulations. I have a book you can read, no charge. Like you, I studied Japanese karate, kickboxing but segued into taichi, qigong and bagua and it provides an indepth study, if not a perspective that could open up ideas. No strings, just useful info. Hope it helps.
  2. Where to practice in nature?

    Himalaya's? Dude if you can breath, you can practice anywhere. It's not where you cultivate your energy but how. Root yourself to the ground and then go at it. Nothing magical. Here's an 8 step form you can do, pretty simple but very effective. Oh, and try not to work out when it's so dang cold. Body does not work well with hypothermia. Happy journey!!!
  3. hello, a little intro on me

    hello, well, im seeking spiritual cultivation to get as far as i can on the spiritual path. i am a muslim, im here to find a starter guide on how to begin my path. ***Good for you. There is no starter guide. You may want to enroll in a class. It is the recommended way to get started. i go to university and i am noticing certain people around me giving me advice, tips, practices and even full on chi blasts/power ups to help me on my way, but ive never found anything definite and a true step by step to follow. my main confusion is, do i start with the heart, the navel, the root? and i feel the solar plexus as being something hat is not the navel chakra, i felt it on my own, and also think it is the "al-tariq" mentioned in the quran. ***It's very important that when you train not to fill your mind with expectations. As a beginner, you will find yourself disappointed that will impede development. As a Muslim seeking spiritual enlightenment, it is best to allow spirituality to grow within without prejudice and resistance. As you look inward via heart, navel, solar plexus, "al-tariq", these points of concentration points will help but not achieve. Your individual journey requires devotion that will take you to where you want to be. This part is frustrating and challenging and it'll be up to you to determine the best path to take. Again, remove expectations, prejudice and resistance and allow the abundance that nature already provides you with the answer. i am also currently plagued by entities. its my fault and it sucks. hence why people i don't really know are helping me out im open to any and all meditation techniques and practices, im here to get my stuff together!! ***Life is full of mysteries that include entities that fill you with information that you can process as useful or destructive. Oftentimes, the problem is how much faith you put in people's abilities. Use the gift of intellect that God gave you and you will realize that answers come easily without having to consult others.
  4. questions

    The easiest way to meditate is to count the number of times you breathe in 30 minutes. As simple as this sounds, this is extremely difficult as we tend to allow our minds to wander. Think of nothing else except to count each time you inhale and exhale. Do this without allowing yourself to wander, and you're on your way.
  5. questions

  6. Wasssssuuuup from California

    Kewl site. I'm on the coast trying to build up the courage to practice my qigong while standing on a surfboard catching a five foot wave. Otherwise, I'll probably chill on this long three day weekend absorbing rays and being one with what the universe has blessed us with. Remember, shake what your momma gave you and who cares who's watching because it's what's in ya that matters!