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  1. Hello Chris! Although I haven't read Journey to the West, I've read about it. It's about 2000 pages long. The Monkey King faces challenges, and defeats them by changing into various things, shapeshifting. The 72 feats are just the 72 things he changes into, so far as I can tell. I didn't find a list of them, though. So it sounds like lucid shapeshifting is the goal; I don't know if the specific feats of the Monkey King will bring special results, but the practice of shapeshifting in Lucid dreams helps to solidify lucidity and control. That is, it's one thing to be aware of being in the dream, but frequently at this point you still are just in the dream. Practicing changing yourself, and the environment, is an essential step in being able to direct the lucid state, which allows you to get from the dream world of subconscious regurgitation to the astral realms - anywhere, really. I love the idea of doing the Monkey King feats. Let me know if you find any specifics, and if you have any success with it. I'll do the same. Best, Jim
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  3. Good day!

    Hello everyone, and thank you Sean, Following your joy seems to work; it's lead me here! Specifically, I've been boning-up on different traditions and practices of dream yoga. Though practicing off and on for years, recent experiences encourage me to cultivate some more. I'm from San Luis Obispo, California, currrently in New York, going soon to Portland, Oregon. I'm a writer and bibliophile; been studying the occult, yoga, meditation, philosophies and religions. And keep finding myself, well, taoist. Glad to have found this site, and look foward to any interactions with y'all! In love, jim scaife