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  1. Kunlun Europe

    Greetings fellow Kunlun-ers! Better late than never - we would like to share our experience at the Kunlun seminars in Sweden last month. All in all, the days with Max, Chris and Damiano were better than our wildest expectations. It was quite an experience to be with these guys for a couple of days. The jaws were constantly aching from all the laughing ! It was quite funny to see how different people reacted during practice - some were violently shaking, others lying on the floor laughing and yet others were crying and sobbing. Since Swedes are usually somewhat reserved, the initial experience of Kunlun was not that powerful for some of them - although we believe everyone had a great experience! During the second day when people had practiced in their homes, many people experienced even more powerful reactions. Max told us to expect this, since it is sometimes harder for people to open up among strangers. During this second day Max also did some demonstrations of Scorpion palm and how to "shut down" a person by pressing certain points on the body which was quite fun to watch. Max's knowledge constantly amazed us during these days - we learned so many incredible things! A big "Thank You!" goes out to Max, Chris and Damiano for taking the time to travel all the way to Sweden and Europe - make sure to get some rest when you're done with the tour! Hopefully you guys didn't suffer too much from the cold weather we had during your stay. These days Sweden have the warmest weather in entire Europe . Our very best regards to all of you at the forum - take care! Samten, Ngawang & Dorjee
  2. Hello from Mooseland - Sweden

    Hello everyone, just thought to say hi! We're the ones who helped arrange the kunlun seminars here in Sweden TakeCare, Samten