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  1. I have read this somewhere When you are full of jing, there is no desire for sex. When you are full of chi, there is no desire for food. When you are full of shen, there is no desire for sleep. I thought that this was something to cling to.
  2. Tips for dealing with night sweats?

    A good start could be to find out what time in the night you start sweating and compare it with the "organ" clock.
  3. The Flyers

    Ok then, I have an idea for an experiment. In Peru there is a kind of Inka priests, shamans that have the ability to eat energy. They eat heavy energy from people and convert it to light energy. If you could find a person that can see flyers, then you could let him see what will happen when a such "shaman" eat from it.
  4. Shaktipat

    How many of you who have taken a Shaktipat did get a stable running Kundaline after let us say three months and which teacher did you use?
  5. 'Starving yogi' astounds Indian scientists

    http://www.thetaobums.com/index.php?/topic/14381-indian-military-scientists-are-studying-an-82-year-old-who-claims-he-has-not-had-any-food-or-drink-for-70-years/ same same or not
  6. Chakra Elixers

    Give your money to a begger instead, it will at least result in a good deed.
  7. Assemblage point

    The person behind this homepage have been in Stockholm for 8 to 10 year ago and if I remember correctly all his teaching was about dreaming and moving the assembly point. The homepage seems to be exactly as I remember it from then so I dont know if this man is still living but he anyway seems to pay his bills. www.angelfire.com/biz/masterq/WORKSHOP.html
  8. Assemblage point

    From which traditions.
  9. Dream Yoga

    Or you could read Merilyn Tunneshende, in one of her books she have some exercises.
  10. If above as below then the heaven is a predatory heven.
  11. Verdesi

  12. Sexual teachings of the White Tigress

    You must have read some books of Mantak Chia here its more to absorb sticky substances
  13. Sexual teachings of the White Tigress

    Pure blowjob in her face and one a week she blend her saliva and a mans semen and use it as a skin cream, if you want to know more read their book and enjoy. Okay if you are a man and live in celibacy then it may be strange but otherwise I dont think you will lose more energy than you always do...
  14. Cultivation for longevity

    And then we are ready for my favorite question. What about the immortal fetus could it be the key? With no developt fetus you will reach hmm... "sudden deat" because your soul is released or it dont any more have a container to reside in?