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  1. Hi, A relative of mine, who lives in Chicago, caught some horrifying disease in Egypt. He is a bit better now, but for a while one of his arms was completely paralyzed; he was in the hospital for some time. Now he says that both his arms feel 'funny.' None of the legions of neurologists he has seen has been able to diagnose him. There is talk that perhaps this is merely psychological. He is getting more and more depressed and anxious. I have recommended to him that he try chi-based medicines, such as qigong, taichi, and/or acupuncture. But I do not know of any practitioners in Chicago who are good. I am looking for someone, especially, who can help him to take a hand in his own curing, because I sense that this is the best way to address his depression and anxieties. Help please? Thanks!
  2. If in Baltimore, or w/in driving distance, I highly recommend Steven Solomon. He is a terrific acupuncturist. He cured a nasty skin disease my wife had that no Western doctor could even diagnose. He is also a very kind man, although quite intense in his own way. Steven A. Solomon 600 Wyndhurst Ave. Baltimore, MD 21210 Phone: (410) 435-3747
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    Nifty web site. I appreciate the work that's gone into it.