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    Hi T-Hawk, Great to hear. I've been reading pillars of bliss and what Max says really makes a lot of sense. It struck a chord. Is there anything you have noticed in terms of your own personal development as you are practicing Kunlun? Also does Max have any other materials available, the website is a bit sparse and seminars are far away (hopefully I'll be able to go once he comes to Europe!)? Thanks, Zaud
  2. Hi Everyone, I've been poking around the forums for over a year and now realize there is some really good discussions going on; so I wanted to join in =) I'm interested in the root of all things be it physics, economics, religion; my motto is " to understand the world you must get to the cause and not focus on the effect". I'm deeply fascinated in mastering my body and seeing what it is capable of and to bring it into harmony with the way nature intended it to be. Those with similar goals feel free to msg me. Zaud