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  1. hello!!!!!!

    thanks for welcoming me!!! :)!!! @Pak_Satrio @Cobie @ilumairen wish you the silence behind all things.
  2. Daoist paintings, can they be used as spiritual practice?

    thank you again Chidragon! And sry for the late reply again! dont overdo it with answering me wish you a relaxed day. Manuel @ChiDragon
  3. Daoist paintings, can they be used as spiritual practice?

    Hello! and thank you all 3!!!!!!!! thats the kind of answers I expected. (Sry for the late reply). Want to some Yoga everyday because I need the excercise, but I want to paint as a main spiritual practice. @ChiDragon My heart says your answer is very deep. Still dont understand it fully though. I will look for excercises to open the heart, but one thing I realized ( using my heart) Is that I look too much to be succesfull and not that much what I like to do. @CamelliaThanks! I bought a book called the tao of art, talking about the theory behind chinese paintings, once I have some spare money i will look for "The tao of watercolor" sound very intersting. I love to play, but dont know how to be playful in what I do. Steve, i cant read enough books, ( im a bit too theoretical, i hate it.) Same with "the tao of watercolor" Im gonna try to buy it once i read the book I already ordered. Thank you again :)! @steve
  4. Hello all, hope you are all relaxed. hope im posting this on the right forum. My question is, can daoist paintings be used as spiritual practice, watching them or even better, painting them?Like mantras in yoga or buddhism. I feel them to be very spiritual , but im very insecure and doubt a lot! Im no expert in chinese paintings, ( which I was) but one example is of zhang daqian (you can press at the painting to enlarge it) thank you and hope to read you soon. Manuel
  5. hello!!!!!!

    Hi all!! im happy to get to know this forum. My interest in daoist is mainly to paint daoist paintings and i have 1 question which i want to post in the correct forum. Nice to meet you all I hope we all get along well. Best wishes, Manuel